Forgotten Treasure : Cuisine of Navaitha at ITC Windsor

ITC hotels is running a great concept under the name of

Kitchens Of India

Which showcase cuisines that highlight different aspects of the Indian culinary space, under the categories of-

Unique Flavours
Undiscovered Legacies
Royal Repasts
Forgotten Treasures

ITC Hotels under the aegis of ‘The Kitchens of India’ has been showcasing and bringing to the forefront, different cooking styles from across India. The objective of the initiative is maintaining the Indian culinary supremacy.  

This week we visited ITC Windsor to discover Forgotten Treasure

Cuisine of Navaitha

Navaitha muslim community originated from Gingee in Tamil Nadu. which were originally brought to fill the barracks of the British army in the war against Tipu Sultan. This community chose to stay back in Shivaji Nagar, bringing unique cuisine along with them to Bangalore. Cuisine has interesting blend of Mughalai and Nawabi flavours. Characterised by Grills and Tandoors, few spices and abundance of garlic, which is meant to tickle your pallate with unique flavours.

Join us for Foodography Journey through Forgotten Treasure "Cuisine of Navaitha"

Paya Shorba with Khameeri Roti -- Highly Recommended
Paya Shorba literally took be back to my childhood with grandma preparing amazing soup flowing with flavours and not too much chilli, perfect balance of spices and lamb stock

Gurdakapoora -- Highly Recommended
Perfect bar snack, want to see this in the menu more often with different bar. Good justice was done to the flavours and many are not able to find the right consistency of meat, perfectly done

Soya Kabab -- Recommended
Awesome dish for vegetarians, loved it

Chicken sukka

Jingha Do Piyaza -- Highly Recommended

Khatte Baigan -- Highly Recommended

Paneer Do Piyaza

Soya Louki

Lehsun ka pulao

Gosht tamatar ki Biryani -- Highly Recommended

Good change to our general Hyderabadi Biryani, no overpoering flavours, it was simple but yet effective in flavours, definitely a must try

Loved Navaitha cuisine, Guys you have to head out to ITC Windsor and give a try.
I am sure you will love the Forgotten Treasure !!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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