Online Shopping Trend: Buying from a fashionistas Closet

Hi Everyone,

It’s hard to make your living posting photos of your outfits, your designer pieces,
and your home without having an enviable space to store your treasures,
 and it makes sense that readers are interested in....

peeking into the various closets of their favorite bloggers.


With the rise of haul videos, fast fashion and over-flowing wardrobe ....
I was forced to start selling my closet after just wearing an outfit for a photoshoot ....
take a few pictures, and dispose it off --

offering the piece up for sale at a considerable markdown !! 

Well its a win-win situation for me and the SBN readers too :) 

I started selling via facebook (this being the easiest option). 
Only problem being the hassles which comes along with buying and selling outfits online.

  It was difficult to complete the transactions as once someone comments,
 I have to ask buyers to transfer money into my bank account.

Then once the transaction is completed, comes the problem of packing the items and shipping it to the buyer.

I could not be happier when ELANIC extended an happy hand and took over all the selling woes away.  To show you just how fabulous the closets of your favorite bloggers are, they’ve gathered them all in one place.


 All I have to do is to...    

1) Download the Elanic app
2) Click nice pictures of the item you wish to sell
3) Create a quick listing with a simple description
4) Watch as it gets sold
5) Earn some cash!

And the best part is, selling on Elanic is completely hassle-free.
They take care of the pickup and delivery, allowing me to sell from the comfort of my home.

It has made my life much easier! 


Make money from your pre-owned goods



Here is a sneak peek of My Closet on Elanic

Once the item is sold it is packaged neatly and it is shipped with a cute note.....


My experience on Elanic has been nothing short of amazing! 

I saved the best for the last,  

PS. Elanic is not just for clothes, they have over 10 categories....
Hurry check out the app and spread the love!

Happy Shopping!!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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