Food Festival : Road to Baluchistan at Lalit Ashok

Our Roots from Peshawar were calling us this week :)
So we planned to visit

Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore

To try the rich Peshawari cuisine of Baluchi, what sounded even more exiting was that they were running

Road to Baluchistan

An extravaganza of top dishes of Master Chef's from Baluchi’s at Bangalore, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Mumbai & New Delhi
Chef Amit, Chandigarh
Chef Zainul, Jaipur
Chef Mumtaz, Mumbai
Chef Satyabir, New Delhi
Chef Bharat Kapoor, Bangalore

The dishes they present are close to their heart and soul

Join us in this Gastronomic Delight through The Road to Baluchistan

Char Grilled Non Veg Kebeb (Platter)

Tandoori Lobster -- Highly Recommended
Lobster marinated with deggi chilly and special bhatti masala
Signature of Chef Bharat, Bangalore

Balkash Rubina -- Highly Recommended
Prawns Marinated in yogurt, yellow chilli and saffron
Signature of Chef Bharat, Bangalore

Dakhni Murgh Kabab
Chicken morsels gilded gold in tandoor with pepper, garlic, chilli and curry leaf
Signature of Chef Zainul, Jaipur

Chapli Kebab
Succulent Lamb kebab make from hand pounded lamb mince turned into patty
Signature of Chef Amit, Chandigarh

Char Grilled Veg Kebeb

Subz Gular Kebab
Country figs with veggies
Signature of Chef Mumtaz from Mumbai

Unique concept of bread with wine pairing served along with different dips
Signature of Chef Satyabir, New Delhi

Starting from right to left

Gilafi Kulcha - Highly Recommended
Fenni paratha -- Highly Recommended
Besan ki Roti

Raw papaya -- Highly Recommended
Radish -- Highly Recommended


Bhune Ananas ka Sharbat -- Highly Recommended
Pit roasted pineapple and roasted cumin churned into refreshing drink
Signature of Chef Zainul, Jaipur

Non Veg Curries

Lal Maas -- Highly Recommended
Rajasthan Style Lamb curry cooked with whole red chillies and spices
Signature of Chef Zainul, Jaipur

Murgh Alamgir
Chicken Morsels cooked in onion tomato gravy
Signature of Chef Zainul, Jaipur


Delhi Style Paan Biryani -- Highly Recommended
Signature of Chef Zainul, Jaipur
 This was something which sounded awesome and was heavenly awesome when you try it. Paan fragrance and flavor was prominent but was Not overpowering the overall flavor of biryani. A must try when you visit Baluchi.


Gulkand ke Gulab Jamun -- Highly Recommended
Signature of Chef Satyabir, New Delhi

Malai Kulfi -- Highly Recommended
Signature of Chef Bharat, Banglaore

Gulab Ki Kheer
Saffron milk soaked sweet cottage cheese topped with caramalised rose petals
Signature of Chef Amit, Chandigarh
Awesome flavor but bit too sweet for me

 We are always delighted with the great flavors of Baluchi, But I have to say this time it was different and I was amazed with the texture and flavors of dishes brought up by different Chef of Baluchi.

One of the Awesome Gastronomic experience I must say.

Guys you have to visit Baluchi to experience these amazing flavors
Don't Miss !!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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