Best Brunch at Shangri-La Bangalore

 Hi Friends,

Weekends are meant for Lazy Brunches and this week we planned to try brunch at

Shangri-La, Bengaluru

which they love to call


Join us for a Foodography journey through MightyLunch

Salads and Cheese

Wide variety of salads ranging from Vegetarian to Non-Vegetarian were available and we were spoiled of choice.
Prawn and Squid Salad -- Highly recommended 
Prawn and squid were really fresh and hence enhancing the taste of overall salad.

Cheese section is a must try

Cold Cuts

They have a variety of cold cut options
My personal favourite was Ham with Pineapple 
Liver mousse was another from top of the chart to try


Salmon sushi -- Highly Recommended
Fresh ingredients make an awesome Sushi, Shangri-La proved it.

Caribbean Section

Grills were prominent from this section

Braised Pork -- Highly Recommended
Lamb leg - Recommended

Lebanese section

Shawarma -- Recommended
Shawarma was good but I have had better Shawarma's than the one offered, maybe some grilled pita would have done the trick

Pan Asian Section

Stir fried prawns -- Highly Recommended
Peking Duck rolls
Chicken Momos 

Sindhi Food Section

Many awesome gravies were available but one thing worth mentioning is 
Stuffed Roti -- Highly Recommended


Loved the way they were carrying fresh coconut, you can just order it and they will cut it live and you are sip onto the awesome freshness
For Rohit though the freshness was not enough so addition of rum added freshness to Tender coconut. There were many options to try but we continued with coconut.

 Overall MightyLunch truly keeps the commitment to its name with so many options to choose from and variety that you will definitely have options you will love.

MighlyLunch is available throughout the week at Shangri-La
So plan your next Lazy Lunch here !

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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