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Hi Everyone,

With Valentine’s day so close by, the pressure is on to look your BEST to impress the Valentine date.  
A quick online search landed me on an 'Open Letter from your skin'

The letter caught my attention and I couldn't help but read it. 

Here is an excerpt from the letter -
“Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it is just as important to me as it is to you. 
I know what’s playing on your mind! 

“What will I wear?” 
“What shoes will go with my ensemble?” 
“Will accessories be a little too much?” 
“Do I tie my hair into a bun, braid or let it loose?” 
“What about makeup?”

Amidst all these questions that target your mind like missiles you are forgetting something really important!-ME!

You don’t realize that I want to be at my best too;
 I want to feel alive, soft and radiant. 
I want to make you look beautiful. 
I want you to win his heart. 
I want us to be celebrated. 

Why wouldn’t you put as much effort in making me feel good as you did while picking out that dress and those shoes? 

I’m I not important to you?”

OMG! I can totally relate to the fact that we happen to compromise on our skin’s health, 
giving into the sheer pressure of looking good, or not having enough time sometimes.
We shop for the best of outfits to get all the attention, however, neglecting our skin’s health while running around shopping malls and streets. 
Skin is true in its sufferings and it shows up the moment we wake up for the important date of our life. And then tragedy strikes… we have to keep on piling layers of makeup to correct one flaw after the other.

In the entire process of winning a new friend, we end up hurting our BEST Friend… our SKIN.

Thank God, I came across this open letter which moved me back closer to my best friend.
I promise, to feed my skin before I feed myself.

My dear skin, I love you back... much more and forever!  

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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