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Hi Friends,

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” – Gail Devers

This past week marked the launch of one such dream....


MasterChef Nimish Bhatia is well known name in Culinary industry.
When it comes to heartwarming food, Nimish is ready to fulfill it with a SMILE :)

Located in the heart of city at Brigade Road, Nimisserie aspires to create a serene dining enclave in the city,a statement cuisine which they define as ‘Aspect Cuisine’.

An idea that Chef Bhatia has curated over decades of understanding and exploring the subtle nuances of culinary tastes & textures, a philosophical and ethological documentary of his experiences.

I was really impressed with the decor and the attention to details...

  • Ground floor has Open kitchen which add to the overall look of Brigade road. 

  • Sound proof glasses make sure that you enjoy beauty of brigade road without noise of traffic. 

  • The royal look of marble plate kept on table is the first thing which catches your attention, I was amazed to see the detail on the hand crafted plate with Nimisserie logo in center.

First floor has live section at the center of the table so you have the choice to choose your dish your cuts and the way you want it, just as you like it, isnt it amazing!!
First floor also has grills which are a State of the Art machines to get you that perfect grill on your plate.

To a Grill lover like me this is grilling paradise !!

Artistic Grills
Here is our Foodgraphy journey through Nimisserie...


Reconstructed Chilled Samosa - Highly Recommended
Made with Melon Wrapper, Hibiscus Dust,  Fiery Nimbu Chutney

Chicken Picattas  
Rolled with Fresh N Citrus Coriander Tabouleh

Rohelkhand Style Dal  
with Citrus Kuchumber  Chaat  on a Crisp, Tomato Carpaccio Truffle Oil Drizzle

Reconstructed Chilled Samosa
Rohelkhand Style Dal
Salad - Highly Recommended

Smoked Young Chicken Breasts & Arugula, Marigold Flowers, Basil, Dehydrated Pineapple -- Highly recommended

Loved the presentation of the salad and overall mix of presentation and freshness.

Smoked Chicken Salad

A wet and hot, invigorating brew of stock and fine ingredients.
It will bowl you over with an explosion of flavors & textures where a bubble is created using molecular gastronomy, loaded with floral, root veggie and fruity fragrance and  poured over with a fresh decant of herb infusion.
Completely different setup the freshness of herbs and tomato was amazing. 

Something which I have never had before.


Fishy Affair -- Highly Recommended
Kasundi Grilled Snapper: Gooseberry Chutney Tuna: Curry Leaf Pesto Seer  : Curry Lemon Foam 
Fishes were fresh and made to perfection definitely a must have

Veggie Affair 

Soya chops : Brinjal : Fresh green basket
Bihari Pithi Pockets -- Recommended
Stuffed with Spinach , Cottage Cheese, Flax Seed, Dal Sauce with Crisps

(Love the variety of breads and taste)
Beetroot, Rosemary & Goat Cheese Kulcha

Apricot and Chilli Kulcha

Date & Duck Kulcha

Chooran & Green Apple  Kulcha


Tarte Tatin Misti Doi Crème Brulee, Candied Fruits & Petals

Presentation was amazing which takes you to Calcutta, and brings calcutta hand rickshaw on the plate,
Crystallized Aam Papad added a kick to your dessert !! 

From the sounds… to the colour… the aroma… the texture… the mouth-feel and the joy of oomph,  
Nimisserie offers an experience, not short of being cosmic. 

It is aspects of art, experience, skill, almost planetary in earthly cuisines that Chef Bhatia promises and presents to you as a celebration.

So, guys plan your next meal at Nimisserie and I am sure you will feel that wow factor.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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