5 Tips on Dressing up for Holiday Season

Hi Everyone,

Its holiday season and everyone seems to be happy and enjoying vacations at their fav lovations.
Personally, I am no exception!  There is something so magical about the Holiday season, when every heart is full of fond memories, shining lil brighter and beating a bit faster.

1. Being Comfortable is KEY

So much of looking good is feeling good. Ensure you are radiant at every day of your vacation by wearing clothing and footwear that is comfortable, appropriate, and well-tailored. Not only will you look great throughout the evening, but you will be able to focus all your attention on having a blast.

2. Take a break from sparkle

If you dont wanna  sparkle just as brightly as the holiday lights in festive pieces made for celebrating the season...take a break!  Just pair up the basics and some festive colors and you’re more subtle, shine and glamorous. The beauty of these pieces: They manage to be chic, sophisticated, and understated all at once.

3. Play with Color

I love wearing black, however playing up with colors is the joy of holidays. The truth is that colorful clothing, accessories or shoes can add instant drama and strong visual appeal to your party look. For best results, balance a splash of color with neutral pieces - they are sexy, flattering, and impossibly cool for any event/date.

4. Lace up the feminine power

Liven up the holidays with mixed prints and lace textures, but start out keeping the climate in focus. Depending on your holiday destination, you could go with vibrantly bright lace hues or take it down a notch with softer, earthier tones, like oxblood and the new-neutral: a blush pink.

5. Amplify Your Look with Hair and Make-up

Smooth tresses and appropriate make-up are a must when dressing up for a holiday. Few visits to the salon on advance will do the trick. Dressing up for a holiday and truly looking fabulous is well within your reach. 

Just add a bright smile + a great attitude and you will be fierce and fashionable for every event this season.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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