Best Layered Haircuts, Hairstyles & Trends for 2015

 Don’t we all envy the Bond girls or the Charlie’s angels? 

Heck we have even dreamt of the guns, the Aston martins racing and all that paparazzi and shutterbugs sequence a million times over. While the girl-next door tag has an appeal to it, nothing beats that lethal look that drops jaws (we are thinking Barbwire. Anyone?)

If you are waking up every morning and feeling stuck in the daily rigmarole of finding the hairstyle that beats the monotony then these edgy and badass hairdo’s are what you need.

We all love the glamour undercut, asymmetrical and striking hairdos. So why not funk it up a bit? Give your hair that added fierceness and your hairstyle an instant oomph.

The Tussled Do

If you like it edgy, then this tussled pixie cut is just the one for you. 

You can sweep it to the side, and add a few more layers to the look. Add a few blonde highlights for an eye-catching look. This look was sported by Mandira Bedi for the Lakme Fashion Week, and she sure had the heads-turning.
This tussled look is seriously on –trend this year.

The Short Waves

Well, let’s be honest, his edgy look, isn’t shocking and anyone can pull it off.
These short wave cuts are just around your cheek and will enhance your jaw line. This is perfect for woman with natural wavy hair and who love shape the hair-line to boost their look. It looks flirty and gives a bold dimension to your whole look.

Who else could sport this better than Deepika? 
She has always been bold and beautiful and looks steamingly hot. Absolutely Killer!

The Baby Bob Do


This baby bob hairdo is a sexy, playful, naughty short feminine cut.
This look adds wildness to your appeal. Accessorize your attire well with some hot danglers for your ears. This look sure is truly lethal and can slaughter hearts instantly.
Sport it and look bombastic!

The Messy Band Look

Keira Knightley proves that messy hair is not all that messy. 

With that beautiful headpiece to compliment her look, she looks ravishingly sexy. If you are getting married, and your short hair is worrying you, then this is the perfect look for your bridal hairstyle.

 It looks imperfectly perfect and will add versatility to your style quotient.
Look stylish and extravagant and keep the killer instinct going!

Beautifully Bald

Going bald is a major decision for any woman. 
Women consider their hair an asset and would never let it all off. You need to be gutsy to get your head shaved and still be confident about it. But if it’s the lethal side you are venturing into, anything and everything is fair. The acclamation you will receive for this insanely bold look will be a lifetime experience.
Diandra Soares is an epitome of sensuousness and has been sporting this look like a Queen.
Stand out and let the eyes ogle over you. Be Bald, Be Beautiful!

Braided Side Buns

Now isn’t she Minnie mouse gone wild? 

If you have long hair, and want to go hunting (men I am guessing) then this look will suit you the best. Part it, braid it and pin it all up. Such an unusual look, you sure will be a show stopper.

Kangana is the queen of Bollywood and she is always up for a kill. Pun Intended !

Long Pony Semi Braid

This is one of the most glamorous yet sensuous hairdos you can opt for. 

Flaunting the length of your hair and still looking so elegantly Sufi, is just a treat to the eye.
Wear it with a LBD (Little Black Dress) and see men gasping.
Kareena has been a style icon and you can never go wrong sporting this look, just like her.

“What you have, what you are - your looks, your personality, your way of thinking - is unique. 
No one in the world is like you. So capitalize on it.”
Jack Lord

How about Shruti Haasan's perfect braided mohawk ...

So wear your hair the way you want it.
It is going to be that killer instinct in you that will bring out the lethal chic side of yours to the world.
Don’t be shy. Be bold and be beautilicious.
Experiment and let your new look dazzle.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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