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Hi Everyone,

It was a really slow day at work and I was just waiting for it to get over. And suddenly, a pop-up indicating a new email appeared in my phone. With an intention to pass a few minutes with that, I opened it up and there was all happiness and excitement on my face. It was a message from my college inviting all the students of my batch for the alumni meet.

As soon as I got back home in the evening, I could not stop myself from taking out the album in which I had all the memories of college days in form of photographs. And while doing so, I just came across the photograph of a very valuable person of my life- the girl who lived in the room next to mine in the hostel! Wondering what's so special about this friend of mine? 

Well, then let me walk you through my memory lane! 


It was just after finishing my school that I had to leave my home to study fashion in a reputed college in a new city. While there was happiness of moving towards a new beginning, there also was Sadness of going out of all the love and care of my family amidst which I had been living from so long. 

And with a bag of mixed feelings, I stepped into my college life.

Well fortunately, everything including my roommates, classmates, teachers and mess food was good enough that it didn't take me long to adjust in the new place. However, there was one thing that was still bothering me and made me miss my mom every day. It was the drastic hair fall and bad quality of my strands that the new place's weather as well as water had given to me. Every morning while getting ready for college, I used to have numerous of my strands in hands as I combed my hair. Depressed to see constant degrading of my hair quality, I discussed my problem with a few of my friends. 
And to my surprise, they too suffered from the same problem.

It was only a month after the college head begun, I was teamed up with a classmate of mine for a project. She lived next to my room in the hostel and we decided to meet up in her room to work on the project after dinner.

P.S.: This girl has beautiful long hair that just made me green with envy.

So, I went to her room and started working. And, while working, what caught my attention was a green bottle in her basket of toiletries. But, I was there for work, so I focused back on it. It was almost for a week that this continued, and fortunately, this project gave me my very good friend in the college!

So, as soon as the project ended, there was the beginning of a new friendship. And, it was on my birthday just a week after the project ended, when this darling friend of mine gifted me one of the most precious treasures of her life- it was that same green bottle, which I saw in her basket of toiletries!

And ever since I got that green bottle, I have never seen a bad hair day till today! The magical ingredients hidden inside the bottle just helped me regain the the beauty and lustre of my hair. Not just that, it also promoted the Growth of long and strong hair.

And for this, I cannot stop thanking my friend till date for introducing me to ....

Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil

Enriched with natural ingredients like henna, amla, lemon, neem and of course, coconut, Vatika Coconut ++ Hair Oil cured all my hair problems in the safest way. While henna improved the color and texture of my strands, lemon gave them luster, Coconut oil nourished them from deep within, and neem made sure to keep all my hair woes at bay.

So, now you know what's so special about this friend of mine.

Well, while I pack my bags to meet up my buddies in the college's alumni meet, don't you think it's time for you to go shopping and gift yourself this bottle of sunshine?

Get set to say goodbye to all your hair woes with  
Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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