Thai Food Festival at Sheraton Bangalore

Thai cuisine has made its mark all over the world, with its Aroma, Spices and amazing Chilies, it has became one of the popular cuisine. Like any other cuisine Thai food also has many region based dishes which are hard to find in their authentic avatar.

Sheraton Bangalore at Brigade Gateway
Thai Food Festival

Chef Naruchit Rugphat and Sunanata Nongngok, have came all the way from The Naka Island, Phuket, to tantalize your taste by creating Authentic Thai recipes and helping you create your own salad at live counters with fresh ingredients its an experience in itself.

We were amazed by Thai Decor which included masks, bamboo, umbrellas and staff dressed in 
Thai costumes. The fragrance of food, freshness of fruits and chilli spread all across.

We started our Thai food journey with Som Tam (salad), and when chef asked would you want to try it yourself, the immediate answer was Yes :) . We combined fresh ingredients which included  raw papaya, lime juice, palm sugar, fish sauce and lot of red chilies in wooden mortar and gave it a good beating, now topping it with cherry tomatoes and nuts and Voila amazing Som Tam is ready. It was fresh and very refreshing to start the food journey with, I specially liked the sweet and chilli flavors creating amazing combo for Salad. Som Tam -- Highly Recommended

We had other salads as well which included Rice noodle salad and Fish salad, I loved the mix of both salads :) -- Recommended

Phad Thai was next dish which are stir fried flat rice noodles with egg, Tamarind sauce, fish sauce, dried shrimps and prawns. Chef will make you a personalized plate of Phad Thai which is spices to your taste and satisfy you inside out, amazing dish.
You should not forget Meat on stick which is more like Satay, which is served with peanut sauce and give you amazing flavors of Thailand.

I have had enough of Thai Green and Red curry in life, so I was avoiding curry station, but then good that I had a look at it.
For Main Course they had Massaman Curry and Yellow curry were good options to try, with your choice of meat and veggies to include they were amazingly custom created to your choice of flavors. Good option to try on live station.

Ready to eat dishes included Pla Som Rod (sweet and sour fish) and Kua Kling Gai (chicken curry with cashewnuts). Really loved these dishes -- Highly Recommended
I asked chef on what he has in his house back in Thailad and he made me the best Fried Rice I have had till date they were spiced just right with prawns and veggies, not overflowing with soya. Overall made amazing combination with Pla Som Rod and Kua Kling Gai.

For Desserts they had  Khao Niaw Mamuang, which are Mango Sticky Rice, flavor of coconut milk was merging well with exotic flavor of mango and texture of rice. I am not big fan of rice as desserts but this one was definitely different.

So friends tantalize your taste buds with Thai extravaganza..

Venue: Feast at Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway
Price : Rs 1750+ Tax

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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