Skin, Hair and Style Tips for Monsoon Beauty

Hi Everyone,

Monsoons are so imminent upon us. After bearing that extreme heat of the sun, those sunburns, tans, sweaty (and stinky) summer days. Monsoon comes as a sign of relief. But what about the tons of infections, it gets along with it, given to its damp and humid weather? Every season comes with some good news and some bad news and upto us to embrace it and make the best use of it.
Monsoon brings gloomy skies and cool showers....so why not welcome them in style !! Can't help myself dancing around in splitter splatter of rain showers and show some colors to gloominess outside. 

To embrace this season in style, I swear by trendy rompers. They are not only super cute but roomy too....breathe easy and beat out the sweat in these floral print denim cute rompers by Max Fashion. 

Here are my TOP 5 Monsoon surviving tips

1. Make sure to carry a tote to hold all your belongings and an umberella too !
    My bag contains following important things -
  • Water Bottle -  Our body loses fluids through sweat. Drink plenty of water.
  • Rose Water - It is a natural coolant which is refreshing .Wipe the skin with it several times a day.
  • Tissue Papers
  • Small Hand Towel
  • Talcum Powder
  • Hand Sanitizer
2. Flats are your best bet during monsoons. Keep them smelling fresh by spraying some talcum powder. 
3. Prefer tying up your hair in cute lil ponies, however, if that's not your style....use wrap arounds or scarves to  keep the frizz in control. 
4. Wear most comfortable clothes and keep sweat at bay.
5. Always carry a waterproof jacket to safeguard from unexpected showers.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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