Food Review : DimSum Festival at Shiro


This word brings smile to my face, one dish which I can have anytime anywhere!!
Do you guys feel the same way??

If yes, then new DimSums Menu from 
is perfect for you.

Veg Dumplings
The talented culinary team at Shiro has come up 40 ways to make the next four weeks even better. Delicious in 40 ways, mouthwatering and indulgent 40 times over. The Shiro dim sum collection brings you traditional favourites and some new crowd pleasers. Experience an elevated yum cha experience where you can choose from over 40 steamed, braised and fried dim sum.

Pork Ribs with sweet chilli & blackbean sauce

Following is our food journey through DimSum Storm, fasten your seat belts :)

Celery & Pepper Mushroom Dumpling - Highly Recommended
Shanghai Mushroom Dumpling - Highly Recommended
Spicy Broccoli & Water Chestnut Dumpling - Recommended
Spinach & Corn Dumpling
Oyster Chicken & Sticy Rice
Chicken Pearl Dumpling
Phoenix eye Dumpling
Crabmeat Dumpling - Highly Recommended
Pork Ribs with sweet chilli & blackbean sauce - Highly Recommended
Indonesian Aromatic Fish - Recommended
Prawn with Thai herb sauce - Highly Recommended
Double Cooked Chicken
Chocolate Volcano
- AAH no words... I want it again now!!

They had amazing options for non veg menu, I loved Indonesian Aromatic Fish which is fresh and full of flavour, Prawn with Thai herb sauce - sauce goes well with prawns,
Pork Ribs with sweet chilli & blackbean sauce - one of the best pork I had lately, full of smoky flavor and had a clear bone (if you know what I mean).

Usually Vegetarians are not happy with the options they have but Shiro has made sure that Veg folks have equally good options. Celery & Pepper Mushroom Dumpling and
Shanghai Mushroom Dumpling are worth mentioning, they are best mushroom dumplings I have ever had.. Period!

Non Veg Dumplings
Indonesian Aromatic Fish
Prawn with Thai herb sauce
Double Cooked Chicken
Chocolate Volcano
Long Island Ice Tea
Attractive offers make it easy for you to choose your favorites and dig in with friends and family. Meant to be shared, this menu has been created especially for limited time festival. Whether you are craving a classic Sui Mai, Har Gau or Gyoza dumpling or perhaps you are in the mood for an exotic Shen Jian Bao, Prawn Nest Dumpling or the irresistible Shanghai Mushroom Dumpling; there is something for everyone! 

Experience a festival of flavors at Shiro from 10 June to 7 July. 
Price for a choice of 4, 6 and 9 baskets of dim sum: INR 900, 1300 and 1900

Address : Shiro, UB City Mall, Vittal Mallya Road

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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