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Hi Everyone,

Traveling is fun for most of us.
Some of us travel for work, some for exploring new places, cities and countries....some for holidaying and some to attend the so called “ The big fat Indian wedding”.

While traveling, we should also look good for that picture perfect moments that will be captured. For that, you need to be a smart traveler and know some beauty hacks so that you can travel light and yet manage to look gorgeously beautiful!

Beauty bag

Buy a user friendly, travel friendly beauty bag to keep your cosmetics and toiletries in an organized way. This has to be waterproof and of convenient size. You can keep your shampoos, lotions, make up kits, mirror, comb into it.

Bonus - You can keep your watches and bangles in the same bag too !

Baby Wipes

 These are the best for cleansing and refreshing your hands and face.
I always pack baby wipes when travelling …they are useful for a multitude of things.
During camping, hiking or road trips....these wipes are skin saver for me. Just wipe your face to get rid of dust and grease without running around looking for a restroom like a headless chicken.
They double as make up remover too !!

Sample perfumes

Instead of carrying those classy and big perfume bottles, you should carry small samples of the perfumes. These you can get as free samples.
You can also use paper perfumes and smell nice and pleasant even while you are traveling.

Jewellery containers

These are small plastic containers which will take little space.
You can keep your jewelry into it. You can also keep your bobby pins, hair accessories and find it when you want to wear them with your favorite clothes.
Keep your necklaces and chains in a small plastic pouch.

Hairstyles while traveling

You should style your hair while you are on your trip to look fresh and comfortable. You can try hairstyles like a side pony, a classic ponytail or go for a simple bun that looks so elegant and sophisticated. Carry a lot of hair accessories and scarves to give you variety in a jiffy.

Make up brushes

You will do the make up for attending party, wedding, occasion or to look stunning. Pack your make up brushes in a sun glass case. Your make up brushes will safe and clean.

Images with accessories

Before you leave for travelling click some images of your clothes with the matching accessories and store them in your mobile.
While getting ready you can refer those images and see what you need to wear along with the accessories, so you get ready and look great.

Lip colors for your trip

Choose colors that match on every dress. This can red and pinks. Don’t carry all the lip colors with you. You can manage to flaunt your lips with these colors too.

Hair accessories 

You can take some classy hair pins with you, so your hair styles looks more fab with it.
For those tic tack clips, use the lip gloss cover and pin them in an organized way.

For that fresh skin

You have to take care of your skin while traveling. Eat lot of fresh fruits that will make your skin looking fresh. Also follow your daily skin care regimen.

I hope these beauty hacks are a great help for you when you want to travel with a light luggage and you enjoy your trip!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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