Easter Brunch at Crowne Plaza - Food Review

Sundays are usually lazy for us, but 5th April being Easter Sunday was special, we decided to visit

24@43 restaurant
Crowne Plaza

As they hosted the Easter Sunday Brunch to celebrate the true spirit of Easter Sunday in Bangalore.

Here is our Photo Journey through the Easter Buffet Spread

It was perfect setting with Eater decor, Live music and Games setup for kids.
We decided to sit right in front of live music and enjoy our afternoon with some musical nodes.

Afternoon started with Sangria, cold cuts and small salad bites
We loved Sangria and Prawn salad combination. Prawns were juicy and delicious with citrus and crunch of bell pepper.
Roasted Duck salad was also great but I would have loved if it could have more duck.

Cold Cuts
Prawn Salad -- Recommended
Fish Salad
Roasted Duck Salad -- Recommended
They had some great  Breads for cold cuts and soup, cant stop trying them.

Live counter for Shwarma was amazing, Highly Recommended
Shwarma - Highly Recommended
Chef getting the right cut for Shwarma

Roasted Turkey was one of the hits during brunch, Turkey was yummy and juicy, truly amazing -- Highly Recommended
Roasted Turkey and Veggies
Roasted Turkey - Highly Recommended

Right from presentation to taste Lamb Biryani was out of the world, it was moist and rice had all the flavors of meat just the way i like it. One of the good Biryani's I have had lately, the goat carcass made a big difference and was eye catchy  -- Highly Recommended

Lamb Biryani -- Highly Recommended
Kebabs - Recommended
Veg Kebabs
Chicken in wine sauce


It was a Dessert Overload during Easter Brunch, every dessert was amazing, they should start their own Dessert Factory :)

Overall a great Spread and well planned Easter Brunch by Crowne Plaza.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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