Beauty products Desi Girls need in summers

Hi all you Desi girls there!!

I hope you all are fit and fab and all ready to welcome SUMMERS!
Your wardrobe must have changed now, with all the winter wears in and all light floral prints on the shelf to enjoy this season.

With Barf ka Golas to Cold Drinks to Ice-Creams to Coolers, summers brings about a whole lot of change in our day today life. Our skin also becomes dry and demands a change in the beauty care regimen.

Summers is not about heat and sweat, it’s about joy, enjoyment, happiness and looking good! 

You need to take care that this weather does not have any impact on the way you look. So here it goes, a list of cosmetic products that you should use to keep your skin bright even in summers.

Cool off your face with facial mists

They are face freshener spray, instantly refreshes tired and dull looking face.Very essential   to use during summers. User friendly so you can carry it in purse, keep it in car or in your drawer as well. It removes excess dirt from the face and gives it a fresh and radiant look.

Facial Cleansing wipes

When you go out in summers, your skin becomes oily and dirty. You should keep facial cleansing wipes with you. They are soft, silky sheets which keep your make up intact and yet remove the excess of oil.

Ways to prevent acne

Summers are here and so comes the time of skin issues specially acne. You can prevent the acne by washing your face to keep it clean. Take care you remove your make up properly.  You can use a face wash with salicylic acid.

Peeling Masks for glowing skin

Peeling mask is a product you must use once in a week. They help to remove the impurities and blackheads. It is helpful in removing the excess oil. Your skin becomes super clean after using this product.

Exfoliate it- summer is here!

It’s very important to exfoliate during summers. For the face, take care that the scrub has gentle exfoliating agent. It will help out to make your skin even toned, will improve the skin texture as well.

Lightweight summer moisturizers

In summers, it is absolutely essential to opt for a daily lightweight lotion to keep skin smooth and silky. These light moisturizers can do the wonders to provide the hydration needed for the skin in this season.

Cover up these summers

Summers also demands you to change your make up routine. You have to really keep it light. If you want your make up to last longer, use a primer first. Just apply a small quantity on your face. Then go in for a tinted moisturizer. If you feel you need a little extra coverage, brush a powdered foundation on it.

Perfect for summers - BB and CC creams

If you want your skin to be hydrated, radiant, protected and even looking all the summers, BB and CC creams are the best option. You don’t have to use to heavy concealers and foundations which melts in this summers. One product will give make your skin look flawless.    

Lip colors for this season

Lip care is essential in summers too! What better than a bold, classy lipstick. Time to buy some me new shades like classy reds, hot pinks and corals. It will add an element of oomph to your beauty.

Using these things will definitely protect your skin and make you look Hot and Stunning! 
So all you Desi girls, have a rocking summers ahead and keep enjoying!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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