Katrina Kaif is Missing ??

Katrina Kaif goes missing leaving her fans in a state of despair..

Yes, you read it right. Katrina Kaif, the queen of Bollywood has gone missing, and no one knows where she is. And you know, the B town does not look quite the same without her. According to our sources she was last seen giving interviews to a reputed Indian magazine, but there has been no news of her whereabouts since then.

Why is #KatrinaMissing? Where possibly, on the earth, could she be? We think that she is on a shoot for her upcoming movies, as she has four big movies coming up this year, which includes an elaborate period drama. May be she did not want her audience to see a lot of her, and then stun everyone in her queen-like avatar. You know, her looks can kill!

Or, may be she is shooting for a new ad film, and we will see her only when it goes live on TV. May be she just wants to stay away from the public scrutiny and go incommunicado till then. It must be a big project. We are definitely excited about it, because we like everyone else want to know where she is.

Or wait, is Katrina on a secret vacation? After all, she needs a break. Heck, she deserves one.
Has she gone out with friends or family or may be her secret someone? We can only guess.

Meanwhile, an ardent fan of hers posted this on Facebook
“Kat, wherever you are, please come soon. Your fans miss you and you know that we can never get tired of seeing you onscreen. It has been ages since we saw you dancing. Movies are just not the same without you. #KatrinaMissing.”

Well, we can totally sense the agony of missing someone so bad in the above message. Since, we don’t know ourselves where she is, we can only advice you to wait patiently, because we are sure that wherever she is, she is doing just fine. We know she will be back with a bang (and not bang- bang) and mesmerize us yet again with her surreal charm.

Name: Katrina Kaif
Age: 31 years
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 174 cm
Body structure: Slim and Super Hot
Colour: Fair

If you see this gorgeous diva anywhere, please let us know. You will be suitably rewarded ;)

Katrina, please don’t go missing like this!

Watch out for more coming up soon. ;)
Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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