Ind Vs Ire - ICC World Cup - Will India Win ??

India is on its winning spree in ICC World Cup with some amazing performances and leading group B with 8 points, with games won against Pakistan, South Africa, UAE, West Indies

and now on 10th March

Ind vs Ire

We are really excited for the match.

Somehow this Bugger has now got India Jersey #MaukaMauka

Your intentions are right, to make India win, but buddy you that you are "Bad Luck" for teams are whichever Jersey you wore, Team Lost.

 Here are your past experiences

You wore Pak Jersey for so many years and Pak Lost everytime

You wore SA Jersey and they lost, at the end of the match UAE offered you their Jersey which you accepted and they lost too

We are sure you would have enjoyed Holi and bombs are intact, as West Indies lost the match as well

Now you are wearing Indian Jersey, cause if India wins Ind vs Ire, Pakistan will enter quarterfinal.
Please leave India alone, rarther wear Ire Jersey, your bad luck will make them loose... lol :)

All the best Indian Team #WontGiveItBack

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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