Whats your excuse to SHOP ?? Confessions of a Shopaholic !!

Do you like to shop? 
Woah! I can hear the loud cheer !!

Well, I love it too! And Why Not! 
It’s the most possible solution to every problem. Isn’t it?  

Be it mood swings, breakups, occasions, necessity or sometimes just because we are getting bored. You are like me if your heart beat starts accelerating on seeing something flamboyant on the store window. And then you start making all sorts of excuses in your mind to meet your love at first sight item.

Let me guess, are the below emotions one of them?

Excuse 1 - I am only seeing, I won’t buy anything!

The collection seems quite nice this time. So what?
I have lot of clothes and anyway we have been taught not to go in for temptations.

Ma’am see this! This is the limited edition and will not be available anymore.

Really! Hmmmm…Limited Edition!
Well, then I think I will take it. I will not buy anything for 3 months now.

Excuse 2 - I have enough black dresses. I don’t need this.

A halter neck black dress!
So what I have already got 5 more black dresses.
This one is just perfect for Aisha’s birthday party.
I can already hear the compliments!

Excuse 3 - Let me just try it!

OMG! This jumpsuit is so cute !!
Still I won’t buy it. But there is no harm in trying. Right?
Never ever I owned something with such a perfect fit.
I am so lucky.
When again I will get a chance like this!

Excuse 4 - Oh! I want this necklace for the top I had bought in 2010. 

I think it will also go with the flats I had bought in 2011.
It will look so nice when pulled together.
This is my style. So what if it’s a little old? I don’t follow anyone.

Excuse 5 - Gawd! The line is moving so slow!

It’s been half an hour and I have just moved 2 places.
Should I ask the lady in the front to let me try first?
I just have bag full of things to try on and I have to check out other sections as well.

Excuse 6 - No no! I am not acting like any celebrity who can’t repeat clothes.

Nah! This is not nice. This one is not good either.
I think I will just take these 10 pieces and I am done!
 You just got a wrong impression of me. But I should have some options to choose from.

Excuse 7 - Sale! Finally the wait is over! 

I will take every possible thing now.
It’s been a long time that I have done some quality shopping. 1 full month!
It’s not like that I am falling for the ‘upto 40% discount’ trap.
I am just glad that now finally I will be able to save my parents money.

Excuse 8 - I was humble enough to buy just 10 things

How could I have possibly shopped for Rs. 19750?

Shopping has become a costly affair nowadys. T
hose stupid yellow heels I bought are not even comfortable.

Shopping is not a habit, it’s a therapy!!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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