Wear It Everywhere: Why Your Closet Needs a Shirtdress

Hi Everyone,

Next to blue jeans, there’s nothing quite an all rounder as the humble cotton SHIRT.

It’s versatile, it’s cool, and it’s a piece that’s able to be worn any day of the year, in any season. That said, there’s something about summer that makes the shirt especially necessary, as it can anchor statement pieces such as wildly-printed shorts or colored jeans, add a casual element to silky, beaded, or even sequin skirts, or simply just convey a sense of summer ease with a pair of blue denim cutoff shorts or a basic pair of overalls.

It can seem like a dream, the idea of a piece that works for almost any occasion. Most of us are used to having several mini wardrobes in one. There’s what you wear to the office, to school, to meet friends and to meet dates. There’s what you wear on casual occasions, semi-formal get-togethers, and of course every girl needs solid beach style too.

But what if there’s a piece you’ve overlooked that can do not just double, but triple and quadruple duty? 

I’m talking about the shirtdress. In so many iterations, you could have just a few in your closet and create dozens of looks by changing out your accessories and shoes. See what I mean below.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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