Sunday Brunch - Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway

Hi Friends,

Sunday Brunch is close to our heart and we are always for lookout for happening Sunday Brunch in town. This week our Sunday Brunch craving took us to

Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway

Sheraton Hotel is offering an elaborate Sunday Brunch, ranging from Salads to Pizza's to Kabab from Persian Kitchen.

Here is our food journey for Brunch Buffet....

Cold Cuts with Citrus and Cheese

Salad station

Amazing and wide variety of ingredients, best part is Make Your Own Salad
Antipasti: marinated zucchini, asparagus, semi dried tomatoes, balsamic red onions, sweet bell peppers, mushroom
Make your own salad station: assorted lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber, red onion, peppers, corn and olives
Dressings: lemon vinaigrette, red wine vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette
Mezzes and salads : Pickled vegetables, Hummus, Salad Olivia, Lebanese potatoes,
Live cold cut station with condiments
Made My Own Salad with Oysters, Olives, Roasted Almonds and Lettuce
Octopus and Squid Salad
Refreshing Test Tube Babies go great with salad

Our next goal was to Conquer ...

Persian Grill

They have some amazing grills with meats and veggies cooked fresh and live for you, these are irresistible...

Vegetarian: Persian sheek kebab
Non-vegetarian: Lamb Koobideh -Recommended
Sauces: Chimichurri, garlic mayonnaise, tahini sauce, pickled vegetables
Zereshk polo in chaffer
Persian Vegetable Stew
Persian Grills getting ready
Webber station


Vegetarian skewers
Corn on the cob
Idaho potatoes
Tofu steak - Recommended
Garlic bread


Rosemary marinated beef tenderloin
Basil pesto marinated chicken breast - Highly Recommended, ask them to make Burger with it, it will be best you have had in Bangalore
Dill an Pommery mustard marinated seer fish fillet- Highly Recommended

Chicken sausages 
Sauces: Red pepper coulis, assorted mustard, tri-peppercorn sauce 

Beef Burger with Fries and Chicken
Amazing Grills from Weber Station
Here Come the Bestie...

Fruit Cake with Nuts (Highly Recommended)


Oh My My, they have elaborate spread to roll you over

Some of the must tries are...
Paan Martini - Yes you got it.. PAAN.. Different and worth trying
Watermelon Mojito

Bubbles were very refreshing perfect to cling along and enjoy afternoon

Thanks Saurabh  for Amazing Brunch
Ambiance, Food and Drinks were just perfect, with cool breeze it was a place to relax and enjoy with friends.

So friends do plan to keep them in mind during your next plan of Sunday Brunch.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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