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I want to introduce you a faboulous brand, which I came across recently ..... 

The brand aims to change the way a person feels and perceives oneself. 

An integral element of Look Beyond is to empower the individuals through knowledge, techniques and tools to enable them to heal themselves and evolve. The tools are provided through a number of ways such as healing services, teaching classes, counseling sessions and products. 

All the products are so holistic .... I was taken by the strength, fragrance and purity of the products.
I am reviewing few of the products, however, I highly recommend the products as per your specific problem or issues. 

The products are segregated into three categories: 
  • Body
  • Health, and 
  • for the Home
Look Beyond’s products’ strive on 100% natural ingredients, with no use of chemicals and they are entirely environment friendly. One of the core ingredients in products are essential oils that are sourced from manufacturers certifying the purity of the oils.  

When it comes to the products, the entire range is developed and manufactured in-house from scratch, with particular emphasis on quality. The products are not manufactured in the factory but are made manually by under privileged people of the country, thus giving employment and a meaningful life to many.

 Hebe - Anti Wrinkles

A proprietary blend of essential oils to remove lines and wrinkles.

Directions of use: Add 3 drops of the serum to any moisturizer (or sunblock) you normally use and apply to face and neck. Find your skin getting smoother and younger over time. If the serum feels very strong then start with 2 drops.

Result: I can see my skin being firm and smooth after using this serum within few weeks. I apply it overnight and wash my face with lukewarm water in the morning.

Hebe – Fresh & Youthful

The linen spray has a special blend of essential oils and Jasmine floral water that has been created to fulfill the desire of eternal youth. The natural property of Jasmine is combined with other essential oils to create a sense of freshness which is associated with youth.

Directions of Use: Spay on your linen as well as on the mattresses and pillows to give them a fresh fragrance. Can also be sprayed on clothes and in cupboards. Use as a room or car de-odorizer.

Result: Besides its healing properties, I am in love with the relaxing fragrance of the serum which soothes my nerves instantly.

Sirona - Dark Circles (Night)

A proprietary blend of essential oils to reduce dark circles.

Directions of use: Gently apply the serum to the under eye area and leave on for a minute before applying any  other cream or moisturizer.  This serum is meant for use during the night.
Result: Though I am blessed not to have dark circles, however, I tried this product as eye treatment to make sure the thin under eye skin is well nourished and moisturized. Not to mention, I am impressed. 

Aphrodite - Fairness

Age-old knowledge of blends has been used to create a special bath gel that brightens the skin and gives it a special glow.

Directions of use: Use normally as a bath gel. Can also be used as a face wash and hand wash.

Results: I am a big fan of this gel. I use this as a face wash generally. Its so natural, cleanses the face without drying my skin and leaves my skin squeaky clean. Exceeded my expectations. 

Though, I am not a fan of packaging, however, I can easily ignore the same since I am loving the products.

About LookBeyond

A health and wellness venture, started in 2011 is the brainchild of Dr. Seema Anand. Like its name, the brand aims to look beyond the already existing boundaries pertaining to health and wellness industry. By utilizing age-old knowledge and new research into its sphere, Look Beyond started its mission with an intent to provide holistic wellness to its patrons. Dr. Seema envisioned a place that would be open to all, where the individual could look at their overall wellness and find ways to improve it. The brand is devoted to creating services and products that aim to heal one’s mind, body and soul. The intention of the center is to inspire well-being, personal growth, peace, harmony and happiness for all and provide the tools that can help people achieve the same. 

Check out the entire range of products www.lookbeyondindia.in

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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