Gillette Venus believes in the potential of “&”. ‪#‎UseYourAnd‬

Hi Everyone,

You have to watch this amazing campaign! 
Gillette Venus believes in the potential of “&”. ‪#‎UseYourAnd‬ to share every quality that sets you apart! 
Show “or” the door-this is the story of “&”. 
The story of realizing your true potential.

Put an end to the one-dimensional labels that limit your potential. Because you are beautiful AND smart. You can be an astronaut AND a soccer player AND a ballerina. Your life is composed of many ANDs – an empowering sum of all of the things you are, and all you want to be. Venus invites you and women everywhere to take a stand against one-dimensional labels. #UseYourAnd.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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