10 Things not to miss out at Janpath, Delhi

Hi Everyone,

Located in the center of Delhi alongside the famous Connaught Place,  Janpath is the cities ‘culture gully’. Strolling across the streets are young and old alike eager to get shopping and bargaining. For the latest fashion trends you really need to visit this market. From clothes to jewelry to home décor, they have it all. 

So now if you are planning a trip to Janpath, you have to check out the following -   

1. Heading to college ?

 Cute tops, sweaters and denim shirts are must check out.

2. Trip to Mall...yeah ??

Before buying a jacket or a coat or a trench from the showroom, 
see what janpath can offer, you can get a deal at a very lost cost.

 3. Junkie much !!

Junk jewelry is a must buy from Janpath. 
Trust me, you will find the best oxidized jewelry here.

  4. Into handicrafts? 

Cutest bags, kurtis, etc. you will see here. 
You name it they have it.

5. Going to a party? 

Stop right here for embellished tops and dresses. 
The have an array of colors to pick from.

6. Footwear, footwear & footwear. 

You can find juttis, kulapuris, bellies, boots every damn thing. 
You just need a good eye.

7. Depaul's it is :)

Depaul’s is an old-school refreshment store in Janpath, 
which seems to have been unchanged from the time it was established. 
Depaul’s stands tall for its reputation for serving a chilling cup of coffee.

8. Not a shop-a-holic ?

There are a lot of food stalls around the market. 
They have delicious and affordable roadside food. 
And you gotta try these momos.

9. His OR Her ?

Boys, need not worry they have stuff for you too. 
You can pick amazing checks for shirts and cute prints on t-shirts.
10. Last but not the least ... 

They don’t only offer clothes, accessories and food, 
they have pretty home décor too !!

 ** Some parting notes **

Yes, the prices are throwaway, but the quality varies from garment to garment. 
Be careful of what you pick. 
Do wash it before wearing it. 
Bargain! Never buy a basic t-shirt/shirt/dress for more than Rs. 150, 
jackets/blazer for more than Rs. 500, 
jewelry for more than Rs. 150 and 
prices for bags may vary from size to size but don’t pay more than Rs. 400. 

Watch out for rips and tears. 

Janpath is open 10:00 am to 9:00 pm for business from Monday to Saturday. 
And 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on Sundays.  

Go on weekdays for good and new stuff.  

Must go, if you haven’t been there yet... :)
Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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