Whisky Tasting by Amrut Distilleries at The Glass House

Hi Friends,

This week we went to blind whisky tasting session organized by...

Amrut Distilleries 
The Glass House, Indiranagar

It was a fun event where 6 whiskys have to be tasted and rated on -

*Texture and 
*overall feel of Whisky

 and if possible name the whisky
Sounded interesting!!

We got to a table which was organized with an endless array of whisky tasting glasses,
which set the mood for the challenge ahead :)

Amrut crew were there to help us with the process.

We started with smelling the whisky and gave our opinion if it smells fruity, nutty, wood, smoke, and nose was put to test, most were very close and guessed the ingredients right.

 Next was to hold the whisky for some time and warm it to get the second node to smell. Further close views appeared for the whiskys. That reminded me how often we smell our whiskys, try smelling it next time and guess what you are drinking (though you can always refer to bottle :)

Next was to check the consistency and finally taste the Whisky, we realized that there are some whiskys which your palette with like and others are just awful for your palette.

Color was another thing which stood out for some whiskys, but then colors can be deceiving, some brands may add caramel to change the color.

So next time don't order copying someone, know your drink and experiment.

The Glass House has great interiors and natural light was keeping ignited.

Next came food and there were some great variations served.
Following is some food for your eyes :)

Goat’s cheese lollipops: spiced romesco, dates and jalapenos stuffing, chilly lavash triangle

Beef carpaccio: red wine cured, shaved ginger, togarashi spice
Chicken fire cracker: red dynasty cabbage slaw, scallions (must try, our favorite)
Stuffed mini eggplant roulade: hummus
Rosemary margarita: san marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh rosemary
Lamb and jalape├▒o sliders: pickled cabbage, mini bun
Fish and chips inspiration: house tartar sauce, lavash crisp

Chicken Fire cracker is a must try.
Food was great and ambiance was just amazing, you guys should definitely plan a visit, you will not be disappointed. 

Beautiful Logo Plate for The Glass House.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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