Food Review : District 6

Hi Friends,

This week our taste buds were demanding fresh brews and we landed at ...
District 6

Located at premium location at Malleshwaram, District 6 is MicroBrewery which serves some amazing fresh brews. With the assistance of CFB ( Microbrewery consultant ) , Kasper Schulz who are over 350 year old brew House manufacturers from Germany and Weyermann who help source the best ingredients from Germany, District 6 tries to give you the traditional crafting experience.

When you enter District 6, big brewing tanks welcome you to a huge 10,000 sq ft of space, which was different seating options. We loved lounge comfort and dim lighting, paired with beautiful wood work provided great comfort to relax. They also have private dining rooms available which are loaded with some great screens and are ideal for a family outing or friends catching up for beer and match. 

The 6 variants of beer on offer will always give you reason to come back for more:

The Chief - Our Favourite 
Pilsner - pale, wheat malt - mild and fruity

The Guru
Pilsner - Cara hell, Cara Munich, Munich Malt Type I - Bright, malty & aromatic

Dark Lord
Munich Malt Type I, Pilsner - powerful brown caramel note

Smoking Konig - Bamberg Special
Cara pills, Acidulated, Beech Smoked, Cara Munich, Munich Malt Type I - Dark brown, Smoky Aroma

Radler - Who says its a sports Drink!

Large flavoured with lemon

The Liberator - Lager
Pilsner - Bright & Elegant

They have some amazing glassware to serve beers.
We tried all the beers, Chief was our favorite light and refreshing, I will also recommend to try Liberator and Dark Lord.

We also tried Strawberry smoothie and cold coffee, strawberry smoothie is amazing.
They have a wide menu of drinks to try, but we were so consumed tasting beers that we only tried few cocktails like Crazy Mango and Long Island ice tea, We will recommend to try Crazy mango.

Food is again divided into 6 Kitchen Districts:

Salads, Burgers & Wrap
German District
Fry District
Grill District
Wok & Curry
Not yet a District

We tried food from different kitchens with beers, here are some options for you:

Boy It's a Burger (that's the name of these sliders), nice and fresh

Pork Belly Yakitori
Grilled Prawns
Tenderloin skewers
Chicken Pasta
Cochin Roast Crab
Crab is amazing and one of the best I have had in Bangalore, you must try and hence it deserves another picture, what a beauty and taste, truly amazing, must try for exotic meat lovers.

exotic crab

For deserts we tried Chocolate Fondant cake and Ice cream with tropical fruits.
Chocolate Fondant cake is great and a must try.

Overall a great experience, they have some amazing beers and cocktails which are a must try and Crab is something to die for, Highly recommended.

So friends plan your Christmas and New Year get together here and have fun.  

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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