#GoaInstawalk with Goa Tourism

Hi Everyone,

GoaInstawalk is an initiative started by Goa Tourism in association with WelcomHeritage Hotels.

We were excited to start from Bangalore on 8th Aug to start a wonderful journey to reach Beautiful property of WelcomHeritage Hotel Panjim Inn located in Panjim, Goa.

Panjim Inn was amongst the first big colonial mansions of Fontainhas. The Verandah Restaurant, on the First Floor of the WelcomHeritage Panjim Inn offers fine local and Continental cuisines of the region. With a Sip of farm fresh feni and the bites of a scrumptious Goan meal, one can take in the sounds and smells of ethnic Goa.

We relaxed our evening sipping fresh feni and admiring the beauty of Heritage hotel
Day1 : We started with a quick breakfast at Verandah and we left for Mahadev Temple at Tambdi Surla. This is 12th-century temple of the Lord Mahadeva.

It took us 1 hour to reach Tambdi Surla. When we entered the gate beautiful passage lead us to peaceful stream, we could not resist to have a bit of it and feel the freshness of nature on our face.
We then moved to towards Mahadev temple, made of black basalt temple is located beautifully between stream and green surroundings. Ancient carving details on mahadev temple, green surroundings and sound of stream makes you stay here forever. I felt peaceful in my heart being at this place, never realized we can have this site in goa.

Our soul felt satisfied and we had enough clicks of this beautiful place we decided to move to Harvalem waterfalls.

We are lucky that we were visiting in monsoon and waterfall was in its full force, sound of waterfall could be heard from distance and when we approached the falls we were all drenched at a distance, with beautiful nature surrounding and of and on you can see beautiful rainbow created by falls, again a beautiful sight which you don’t see in your everyday city life. The Government has also developed a park from which the view of the waterfall can be peacefully relished.
Near the falls we have a temple with huge Banyan tree which build up on the music of falls and brought peace and serenity.

Tradition keep us tied, this Big Banyan near falls in Goa.

In the Afternoon we came back to panjim for food and visited this Amazing local restaurant which was local goan creativity at its best. We had local Kings beer here which can give any good beer run for its money, its priced at Rs 38/- thats awesome.

Day 2 of  GoaInstawalk started with walk in Fontainhas. It was hosted by Jack Ajit Sukhija, partner at WelcomHeritage Panjim Inn. Rain Gods were happy and it was drizzling throughout the walk. Jack gave overview Portuguese structure, streets and Heritage around Fontainhas. . While we walked around beautiful alleys and boulevard of Fontainhas.
Here are a few clicks for treat to your eyes.

Overall #GoaInstawalk is a great initiative by Goa Tourism, which provide people with insight of goan heritage and makes you see places in goa which are beyond beaches and SBN really happy to be part of this initiative.

Susegad Goenkar.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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