16Stitches – Online Custom Clothier for men

Hi Friends,

Recently we came across 16stitches.com and we could not stop ourselves from ordering a shirt to try their product.

16Stitches is an online custom clothier for men. They deliver custom designed shirts tailored perfectly for every individual using the finest fabrics from across the world !!
We have to mention that they have state of the art shirt designing tool that helps users create and visualize the final product. So effectively what you see online is what you get. Their measurements are very precise and you can upload your own measurements to get that perfect custome fit to the end stitch.

For those who prefer standard ready to ship products, 16Stitches also offers a range of pre-made standard sized shirts with different fits and styles. Making it convenient for the user to pick a shirt based on the occasion, the entire range is broken across three categories i.e. Dress Shirts, Friday Casuals and Sunday Brunches.

The best part of the customization is apart from the usual sizing options, they offer the odd collar sizes like 39, 41, 43, which are usually hard to find at stores in India. That add to the perfect fit. As Rohit and few of his friends mentioned that most have to compromise on that perfect fit as options are not available, but 16stitches can make it happen.

16stitches collection includes high quality fabrics sourced directly from mills across the world with higher counts and rid picks, perfectly suited for comfort and style.
Their shirts start from Rs.1635/- The pricing moves up based on the user’s extent of detailing. Which is a steal with the kind if customization options they provide, their fabric and stitch.

16Stitches is truly transforming men’s fashion by providing luxury apparel and legendary customer service at boldly lower prices.
So friends what are you waiting for get the perfect fit and personalize the minutest details on your custom tailored shirt from 16stitches.com

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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