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Hi Everyone,

In the spirit of testing out every trend, I knew I couldn’t resit the CROP Top.
However, looking for ways to wear a crop top so that you feel confident without a second thought about hitting the gym. Mission is to execute the look with ease, sans any sucking in ^_^

For a romantic vibe, I paired a pencil skirt with a cropped laced tank that reveals just a hint of my midriff.  The look feels a lot more approachable. If the sliver of skin still feels like too much, add a blazer on top so the window of visible stomach is even smaller. This way, the effect is almost more like a subtle cut-out, rather than baring your entire mid-section. Silver pumps feels in step with the spring season.

Are you too timid to try summer's crop top trend?
No need to be shy—they're actually way easier to wear than they look!

Here are few safe options to try out this summer -

- Opt for well-cut high-waisted denim to keep this crop top from showing too much skin.

- Reveal just a sliver of your stomach in a cropped vest and tapered pants for an unexpectedly sexy evening look.

- For a fashion-forward style, team a boxy crop top with a textured skirt and statement heels.

- The bustier-style crop tops cinches your waist for the ultimate hourglass shape. Mix floral and stripes to create a daring summer party look.

- A vintage rocker tee looks sophisticated and subtly sexy when paired with tuxedo-inspired pants.

- Give the preppy nautical look a modern twist with this cropped Breton tee, high-waisted skinnies and classic white sneakers.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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