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Hi Everyone,

Reader's Query - How to wear crop tops without exposing the midriff ?

Yes, that was a tricky question which few reader's shot out to me.

Let’s face it: your midriff deserves respect. You can trick the crop top trend if you are not ready or comfortable exposing your midriff.   If you can’t expose it, celebrate it with one of this incredibly trendy, retro crop top dress.

So, here is a perfect dress to rescue. This dress has the charm of crop top combined with the flare of summer dress. The classic crop top extends to the belly button, with the perfect amount of midriff cover with red flare skirt. This classic dress leaves you with a sensible blend of modesty and risqué.

Really loved the print and vintage feel of the top and pinhole at the back.

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Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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