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Day 3 of The Karnataka Fashion Week 2014 was inaugurated by Mr. N.A. Harris (MLA – Shanthinagar Constituncy) with a tribute to The State Bird – Indian Roller, which was the theme on which the Karnataka Fashion Week 2014 was based.

The night started off with the dynamic combo of JASON & ANSHU, widely considered to be two of Bangalore’s most talented designers, who have carved out a special niche for themselves with their superbly finished textiles and exquisite craftsmanship. Using techniques that reveal their fine sensibility, Jason & Anshu dressed the models with style & elegance and a youthful verve.

Next was ASIF SHAH, the master from Indore, considered to be one of the most directional designers in the Menswear category. His sharply tailored suits, red carpet tuxedo’s and Ethnic grooms sizzled the ramp, one of the main reasons why he has earned a place in the Indian Fashion Scene. His clothes are much in demand and he retails at many stores across the country, and in the Middle East as well.

RUNA RAY, was next, showcasing her fascination with Industrial fabrics and techno processes resulting in a collection that established her as one of the freshest voices in the industry. She offers a collection of womenswear this year that shows the wide range of expertise that she has acquired over the years, making her a designer to watch out for.

Then was the brand from the house of Arvind Mills, from Bangalore – MEGAMART. Bangalore’s affair with value brand Megamart continued as everybody loved their sassy street-smart style. Offering a bouquet of International brands like Geoffrey Beene, Mossimo and  Cherokee together with in-house brands. Megamart is headquartered in Bangalore and operates 200 stores all over India.

Next was the new entrant KARAN BHATTACHARYA. Karan is one of India’s youngest designers, creating a youthful energy with his beautifully detailed clothes for women. He is inspired by Indian silhouettes that can be worn in diverse ways, and dresses a woman who is confident, sexy and international. His clothes are available all over the country.

Then came LOKESSH AHUJA, Bangalore’s favourite Menswear designer who is known for his cool, classic creations that can take a man from international events to multinational corporate boardrooms. His formal wear is made-to-measure, with many of his top-notch clients opting for his bespoke services. He constructs his suits with the precision of an engineer.

HOUSE OF THREE by Saunak Sen was next. He offers a couture viewpoint from his Bangalore atelier, creating a minimalistic rendition of luxury that is at once timeless and modern. Monochromes and neutrals abound in his collections. He considers simplicity a virtue, and his flawless technique results in garments of astonishing beauty and sophistication.

The final closing Bangalore designer was the ever gorgeous YASHILA. Creating red carpet looks that wouldn’t look out of place in Cannes or New York, Yashila is inspired by Hollywood Screen Goddesses like Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe. Her gowns reflect that sensibility, using jewel tones and richly draped fabrics to create stunning looks that capture the very essence of glamour of the silver screen.

The Grand Finale was by SONALI, Colombo’s top designer. Sonali Dharmawardena and Yehali Sangakkara, celebrated the exquisite crafts of native Sri Lanka combined with international style to create a signature collection that was unique and tropical in its sensibility. They created a new genre in fashion that blended the best of South Asian craftsmanship with the demands of global markets.

The Sri Lankan Star Cricketer Kumara Sangakkara who was supposed to be present with Sonali and Yehali made his presence felt through an audio visual he had recorded specially for KFW 2014.
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