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Today Lenovo debuted the game-changing Yoga Tablet in India. True to its name, this multi-mode machine redefines what a Tablet stands for. Based on research which suggests that the usage of gadgets over an extended time period has an impact on our physical well-being, the Yoga Tablet has been ergonomically designed to aid a longer and comfortable Tablet viewing experience.

Key features:
1. Ergonomic design and thoughtful engineering:
- The cylinder enables Lenovo to surpass the design of a conventional Tablet and forms a perfect handle on the side to make it easier to hold with one hand, to keep it steady versus having to hold it with two hands (just like rolling up a magazine to hold and view it with one hand)
- It also allows for a better viewing angle in Tilt mode when placed on a flat surface
- To put it in Stand mode without having to use or buy special accessories, there is a built-in flap available.
2. Longer battery life for computing on the go:
- With the Yoga Tablet one can enjoy 18 hours of battery life as Lenovo has put laptop batteries (larger than typical Tablet batteries) in the cylinder on the side of the device. The batteries offer 2X the life of a typical Tablet.
3. Weightless feel:
- Yoga Tablet’s uniquely shaped cylinder shifts the center of gravity from the center to the side
- That means in Hold mode users get a superb grip, making long duration of one-hand usage effortless
- Though it weighs almost the same as other Tablets (same screen size) its design makes it feel much lighter.

Other features:
- Equipped with Dolby® audio and front-facing speakers, offering a powerful surround sound experience
- High definition 1280 x 800 displays, a 5 MP auto focus rear camera, storage options up to 64 GB,
- The 20.3 cm model offers 3G and voice calling, which is the basic requirement for the Indian market; and the 25.4 cm model features Wi-Fi + 3G
- Optional Bluetooth keyboard for the 25.4 cm model that functions as a cover and even wakes up the Tablet when it’s removed and puts the Tablet to sleep when it’s attached
- Users can also opt for a WD100 dongle to stream video content from the Tablet wirelessly to a TV.

Pricing and availability:
- Available across all major retailers across the country and on dostore.com, Lenovo Yoga Tablet is priced at INR 22,999/- and INR 28999 /-, for the 20.3 cm and 25.4 cm models, respectively

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