Best Indian Wine and Food Pairing with Four Seasons

Hi Everyone,

Last week we had amazing Food and Wine pairing session with Four Seasons Wines at Fava, UB City.

Fava is known place for us and we really enjoy Food here. But in afternoon it had a different vibe which one needs to experience, Beautiful ambiance, amazing food, with White wine or Red wine of your choice ..... what else you want, and when its mixed with friends and food bloggers, its a place where knowledge and critics is in the air.

Event started with brief introduction to wines and how to taste it. Which reminded me of saying ...

"Pour your wine in glass, and let it breath ....
 ..... If after a min you feel its not breathing .....
                                                       .... give it a mouth to mouth" 

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A lot of discussion over wines were going on and a lot of them were like white wine with white meat and red wine with red meat.
But me and Rohit we like to experiment and love Red wine. So in our opinion you can pair wine you like with the type of food and experiment which can actually give different flavor of wine to your pallet.

Believe me, try this experiment ....
"Sip wine you like and then take some lemon, put 4-5 drops in your mouth and Sip wine again"
 ..... you will feel the difference in taste, we tried it at the session and it really works.

Best Food and Wine India

Now food started flowing in, Chicken salad for Rohit and crab meat with Hummus for me. Both the dishes were good and were going well with white wines.

Main course was Fish and Chicken. I wish my fish had some more veggies accompanied with it, still I sneaked into Rohit's plate and took some veggies which were really yummy.
Both chicken and fish were cooked to perfection, but if stuffing in chicken could have been less sweet or not sweet that would have made it an amazing dish.
Main course went well with Red Wine and we enjoyed it to fullest with some jokes cracking across the table.

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Fava UB City

Oh man we are stuffed and here comes dessert, I loved dark chocolate truffle here !!
Overall experiance was amazing with good food and great wine.
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 Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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