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Recently, I came across to this amazing book  .... 

'Look Stunning At Any Size - a style guide for everyday woman'

The book has been written keeping in mind the contemporary Indian women, her needs, her lifestyle and demands of her professional life. It has information specifically suited for Indian color tone, texture as well as sense of style. It intends to bring together a comprehensive overview about how to be presentable and confident with comfortable styling and dressing.

  • This book has makeup suggestions hairstyle suggestion hair and beauty care suggestions for all. Everyone will find something useful in this book as it tries to cover most of the problem areas of today’s women. 
  • It is not about fashion but identifying one’s innate style sense and the quest to look beautiful. It is a staple to long term elegant dressing and a wardrobe essential.
  • This book has been written with the help of eminent experts who are reverd in their fields. Therefore, it contains practical solution conveniently listed at one place for today’s busy women. It is a ready reference for everyone.
  • Not only does the book cover various ways to look good but also lists body types face shapes different body build and the style disasters one should avoid at all cost.
  • It also lists in detail various accessories shoes colour charts undergarment essentials dress style as per body type that one could refer while shopping.
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Here is what Stylish Bee getting personal with the author, Parimita Chakravorty 

Q When did you first realize you wanted to be tagged as an author?

A: My stint into writing for fashion and beauty magazines and websites brought me to this realisation that there was a scope for a comprehensive style and beauty guide in India which will be an affordable ready reference for many. Moreover, I realised that none of the authors have ever touched on this subject from the Indian woman's point of view. Most of the content had foreign origin and might not be suitable for our skin tone, texture and dressing sensibilities.The more I understood the concept of creating personal image with the help of first impression and appearance of a person,I wanted to write a book that would help contemporary Indian woman to present herself in the best. Not only is the contemporary Indian woman a go getter in the corporate world but also a successful home-maker; Somebody who is always on the run needs a quick overview or a guide which will help her understand what is yay and what is nay in today's world. That is when I decided that I would author a style guide for everyday woman.

Q While penning down this guide for others, what was your self learning?

A: A lot of self-learning happened while writing this book. I was not aware about the various kinds of hair-extensions available in the market and how they can be used to enhance my looks. I came to know about the swim wear which would suit my body type and that thong sandals will make my ankles look slimmer.

Q What went into the making/compilation of this amazing and one of a kind book?

A: Two years of hardwork, research, meetings with the domain experts, exchanging 'N' number of mails with my publisher regarding design, various elements and presentation of the book and last but not the least my family time. I would be always obliged for their patience and support during the hours of my absence.

Q  Any interesting piece of information/incident which you would like to mention specifically, during the research/after the release of the book.

A: After the release of the book, I received an email from a fan who said that she was unhappy about her weight gain and protruding tummy and cannot fit into her old jeans. She was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism a year back, since then she has gained a lot of weight and has some facial hair due to hormonal imbalance. But after reading the book, she felt better about herself. She got herself some slimming undergarments and has tweaked her wardrobe choices as per her new body shape. Now she is convinced that even she can look beautiful. This is a big achievement for the book as it was able to convince people that they should love themselves the way they are and try to highlight their assets and downplay their shortcomings.

Q Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.
A: My publisher - always encouraged me to come out with something better.

Q What was the hardest part of writing your book?
A: It wasn't writing but the editing of the book. Wanted to come out with a crisp and comprehensive guide so it was a tough job to decide which topics are important, which ones to keep and which were redundant by the time the book went to print.

Q  A little insight about yourself?
A: I am an author, content specialist and a communications professional. I have extensive experience in research and feature writing and editing for beauty and fashion magazines, websites and blogs. I am also associated with jewellery industry. I am a Masters in English Literature and a Diploma holder in Creative Writing.
I am also working towards bringing awareness about Endometriosis in India and maintain a page where patients can interact and discuss about their condition, diagnosis and result.

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