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Hi Everyone,

As you know, Stylish Bee browse through the outfit photos of other fellow fashionistas and get inspired by their unique styles. She lets you to interact, share and learn from fabulously fashionable people from all over the world and guides you to dress your best every day. 
This time the LUCKY one, to be picked up by Stylish Bee is ...... Saloni Arora

Saloni handles the marketing portfolio for Fossil Watches in India.
She is also a certified fashion and image consultant. She loves life and the challenges that it throws at her. Saloni loves dancing, listening to music and spending time with like minded people

1. Reasons you love your job.
I have always loved Fashion. Watches today are not merely timepieces; they are accessories to be well matched with outfits. Fossil has enabled me combine my love for fashion, flair for marketing with a sprinkle of an exciting retail stint on top.

2. Describe an average day at the office for you.
A regular day at work involves incessant phone calls, meetings with key stakeholders within and outside of the company, following fashion trends , banter with the vibrant and young office crowd and chasing the most important thing- The To do List.

3. What interests you about fashion?
Fashion for me signifies, being comfortable in your own skin and having the flair to understand what fabrics, colours and designs work best for your silhouette. Being a certified Image Consultant, I pay attention to detail in terms of understanding what cuts work for different body types, the colour palate on your body, the right hairstyle for your face structure, the right make-up according to your skin type etc. Fashion, hence becomes integral to my everyday life.

4. What are your favourite shopping destinations?
My favourite international travel destinations are Hong Kong and London. In India, I prefer a mix of international and hi-street brands. I also have friends who are designers and hence it becomes easy to have your own unique product designed for you.

5. What things do you keep in mind while you go shopping?
If you have an agenda in mind, stick to it. Remember your budget. Pick a piece of apparel that you are likely to wear more often such as black pants to work, which can double up as an evening do attire, with a hot neckpiece and a corset or a tube top to go along with. Remember. Just because it is expensive, does not mean that you are assured of great quality. And lastly, you needn’t wear the season’s freshest attire, but carry off what you’re wear with confidence and aplomb,

6. What would be one special thing about a design that would catch your attention?
The uniqueness and the weirdness of it all would attract me.

7. Top 5 Wardrobe basics for working women.
Always make sure you have the following in your wardrobe- An LBD with the right oomph, a crisp White Shirt, a pair of well fitted jeans, a pair of black stilettos and a watch which suits all occasions of the day.

8. Any shopping tips for the readers
If you’re ever in doubt or need a one stop shop at a click of a mouse on the latest trends... Log on to stylish by nature.

9. Street Shopping OR Brands?
A mix of both. 

10. Top 5 things you won’t leave home without.
My Cell phones, Make-up, sunscreen (very important), my gratitude diary (to be constantly thankful for whatever I have in life) and a smile to brighten up my day.

Stylish Bee wishes All the Best to Saloni and many more milestones in her life . 

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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