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Most handbags available today are mass market, mass manufactured products. A movement away from uniqueness and personalization is fast replaced with brand identity and anonymity.

Toteteca wants to introduce you to Handbags that are made uniquely for you. A product that reflects your personality and style first. Their goal is to create a " bag library " of sorts where people can select bags in any color and combination to create a bag that is truly unique.

Here is my Customized Bag, made at NO extra cost, with absolute satisfaction !!
I was on a lookout to grab the hottest Satchels for coming season. I could find them in beige and tan, however, there was no freedom of giving your own colors to this trendy piece. I wanted mine to be RED and was a bit disappointed not to find it in stores :( Other brands were either not into customization or were charging a bomb ... just to get this beauty in my desired color.
Bag was ready in 2 days and Not to forget the speedy an fuss free delivery.

So, here is dream come true with Totetecca, My perfect Red Satchel with contrast piping.
No Extra cost
Absolute Satisfaction
Personalized touch in form of Monogram
Amazing Quality
Perfect Finish

About Toteteca
Toteteca is a combination of two words, tote and teca. Tote is a type of handbag and teca literally means library in Latin.

Why Toteteca
At Toteteca, we work towards making your perfect handbag. We provide you with convenient options that allow you to bring out your individuality by designing and personalizing your custom handbag.

Their unique service encourages experimentation with focus on--

We've spent a lot of time making sure that you will be able to clearly see what the look of your selection will be like.

We always use the best quality "faux leather", metal fittings and trims. Durable and well finished, we bring out your style in the best possible way.

All our production is done in-house to bring uncompromised handcrafted finish and detail to your creation.

Color Combination:
We encourage interesting and fun color combinations for your bag. A careful selection of options will allow you to create something truly unique.

One of a kind. Freely personalize your handbag with a removable hanging tag or a tag stitched into the inside of the bag.

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Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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