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Today I can't wait to share the excitement and the royal experience I have had holding, a long drawn heritage of quality, style and superior make, in my hands --- 
My genuine leather Lauren 42 Handbag by Terra Bags


About Terra Bags

Terra was born out of passion to find quality, minimalistic, classic styled luxury leather handbags and accessories in the Indian market. With the boutique sense of style, no two pieces are identical with only a handful of pieces made in each style. With access to fine leathers worldwide and the assistance of an experienced and dedicated team, Terra brings you bags in soft lambskins with spectacular colour

Cherish Women Everywhere

Yes, Terra believes that a women should carry her attitude wherever she goes. Every bag and accessory is crafted uniquely to signify the real YOU. Terra is not only practical but also makes a style statement at every soiree. Every product from Terra is targeted to add that fresh and exciting dimension to your personality. Classic or Trendy, Day or Night, Hobo or Satchel, Metallic or Bling  ... lustrous Terra Bags will make you feel ROYAL in every way.

So, POP open the new season with Terra.

Customization is the Key

Yes, Customization for every moment of your day. Personalized fine leather accessories made using SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, is the USP of Terra Bags ... Check it out...

Tim Southee with the travel bag and jacket customized by Terra
One of a kind kindle cover. Box pleat top and diamond checks
Don't you want one? Write to theterraworld@gmail.com

Few of my favourite Bags - 

This is what the Team of Terra Bags has to share with Stylish Bee

Stylish Bee ~ Reasons you love your job.

My job challenges me everyday and I have very little to rely on. When you are your own boss there is no one to go to and no one to blame for wrong choices. And everyday something new crops up and you learn from it. To add to that its a job that requires you to be creative and play an administrative role, and juggling both can be a lot of fun.

Stylish Bee ~ Describe an average day at the office for you.

I don't have a 9 to 5 job. Its not necessary that work happens in an office space or learning is done on the job alone. I am constantly trying to see how we can get the word out on the brand and tapping into online / social media for the same. Seeing what's new and how to use it to our benefit. Same applies for design, constantly keep your eyes and ears open for what's in trend and what people are comfortable buying, colours, size, price, service differentials. So each day has a different demand and needs me to touch base on various areas of the business as a whole.

Stylish Bee ~ Does your personal style reflect on how you find new designs? Or are there other factors you look at when "hunting" for a new design?

Design for terra is mostly about being able to apply trend forecasts in a way no one else does or something that isn't common or easy to replicate. For example geometry was our focus for the line POP SNAP SIZZLE but to each line its applied differently, POP was about showing of the precision of laser work and how different mediums can change the look of a bag (in this case mirror), SNAP was about showing the intricacies of patchwork and forming a pattern thats unusal, SIZZLE was focussed on elegance and luxury of lace and the lazer pattern though geometric had to have a flow and compliment the lace. But Geometry became our focus after much hunting and reading. Blogs, forecasts from various channels, both fashion and leather and understanding our own strengths and how we can do something we take up well. I don't think my personal style has very much to do with it.

Stylish Bee ~ Any predictions for next season trends?

I think metallics, and bucket shapes are going to be very popular. Love that Indian motifs are such a hit all over the luxury fashion business and I think we are only going to see more of it.
Where do you drive your inspiration from and how you interpret it in your lovely designs?
Absolutely love colours and details. However we love to keep it simple. So pulling that in together comes from anywhere, the streets, tons and tons of images, comfort and useability of the product and the audience we are trying to capture. We learn with every collection on what shapes and sizes are popular with the customer and further adapt from there.

Stylish Bee ~ What interests you about fashion?

Everything. What isn't interesting about fashion? I love how people put things together and each person's style changes an outfit, an accessory, so much and its nice to see how its all so different person to person. You can't go out and buy exactly what's on a catalog and try and be picture perfect. You can only find your style within what is in fashion.

Stylish Bee ~ What would be one special thing about a design that would catch your attention?

Details I think do it for me. It could be as simple as applique as like Prada's line with the clutches and the 50's cars and the lovely use of different finishes in leather to bring out the nuances or the lovely new weave patterns that come out from time to time. And having worked with leather and knowing how precise the workmanship must be, these are the things that catch my eye.

Stylish Bee ~ Do you think social, economic and technical factors have affected fashion over the years? How?

I could go on about this, but to keep it simple, most definitely. How people communicate and travel has hugely influenced fashion. With the internet and travel made cheaper people have greater access to what is going on in different parts of the world. Also that better communication has led to people gaining access to craftsman and artisans to incorporate their techniques into their work. Advertising and movies have hugely influenced how people dress today.

Stylish Bee ~ How do you intend women to feel when wearing your labelled bag and accessories ?

I'd like for each customer to take something different from what we do. For me personally its about the leather. When I joined my parents to run this brand I had no idea about leather and the varieties within, from finishes to origin and animal and from skin to skin there can be no two the same. Leather is a natural product and has its own way of reacting with dyes and chemicals, hence its a much more intricate process to finish leather in a way that its natural texture and grain pattern be retained. I'd like for more and more of our customers to look at the product they are buying, the workmanship and the design details that make terra different and take what they get from that.

Take a Note

  • Most of the products at Terra are hand crafted and assembled fully by hand. 
  • Leather is a by-product of the meat industry and there are no other means of procurement. 
  • The dies and chemicals used are all as per standard prescribed and pollution free. 
  • Leather is a green product and one that ages with unique and distinct character.
  • No matter what, no two bags will ever age the same way as each leather has its character and way of aging. 
Have you included Terra in every moment of your day ??
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