Fashion Trend: Jumpsuits this Summer

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 Jumpsuit - F.U.S.C.H.A
Gold Collar - Seekers Of Style
Gold Cuff - Zielony Kot

Today, I am taking pride in introducing to you, the inspiration and designer behind great fashion brand F.U.S.C.H.A.....Eva Polynice 

Stylish Bee ~ What is the reason you love your job ?
Eva ~ As a designer, it is perfect to manifest a dream, an image, or a concept into a tangible object. The reason I love this job is that I get to share my dreams and concepts with others. It is so uplifting to see others wear my work.

Stylish Bee ~ Describe an average day at the office for you
Eva ~ The average day starts with a creative session for our new lines. Then it’s off to our celebrity clientele to pull items for editorials. Our stylist usually stops by and pulls more pieces. Later, we markup our designs for production.

Stylish Bee ~ Does your personal style reflect on how you design? Or are there other factors you look at when "hunting" for new designs?
Eva ~ We design our own line and every piece depicts our own personal style including rocker-punk accents from my sister’s, Eva, and sweet romantic interludes from me. We add a little quirky with our food jewelry and it somehow all comes together.

Stylish Bee ~ Any predictions for next season trends? 
Eva ~ We predicted neon print accessories and letter jewelry for fall 2012. We also are seeing a surge of bright colors in winter!!

Stylish Bee ~ Where do you drive your inspiration from and how you interpret it in your lovely designs? 
Eva ~ Our inspiration is really based on a combination of our own personal style a combination of rocker chic and romance with a touch of quirky.

Stylish Bee ~ What interests you about fashion? 
Eva ~ It’s unpredictable with the possibility to shape it and bind it to our design. Fashion is creativity and creativity is fashion.

Stylish Bee ~ What would be one special thing about a design that would catch your attention? 
Eva ~ The feeling it creates when others see it, it is all about the experience.

Stylish Bee ~ Do you think social, economic and technical factors have affected fashion over the years? How? 
Eva ~ Yes. Fashion is always influenced by what is happening. Prices dropped during the recession and bright colors melted into the fall to cheer people up. Technology was seen in Project Runway with the adding of lights to clothes.

Stylish Bee ~ How do you intend women to feel when wearing FUSCHA labeled clothing?
Eva ~ I want people to feel mysterious, a classic girl with a secret that everyone wants to know.

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