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As you know, Stylish Bee browse through the outfit photos of other fellow bloggers and get inspired by their unique styles. She lets you to interact, share and learn from fabulously fashionable people from all over the world and guides you to dress your best every day. 

This time the LUCKY one, to be picked up by Stylish Bee isssss

Christina from The Style Mogul

Stylish Bee ~ How long have you been blogging for? What is the name and where did the name of your blog come from? What is your blog about?
Christina ~ The Style Mogul has been around for almost a year now! Just a few more weeks will mark my 1 year anniversary! The name just came to me one day! I felt that I have always been told that I’ve got an eye for style and I decided that ‘mogul’ was the most suitable to describe that! The Style Mogul is about my personal style, travels, DIY projects, favorite recipes as well as up and coming designers and the latest fashion and beauty trends. 

Stylish Bee ~ How long have you had an interest in the fashion world?
Christina ~ Since I was a little girl. My mom was one of the largest accessories wholesalers in Canada, and from there my love for fashion grew!


Stylish Bee ~ Explain your personal style….
Christina ~ Classic with edge or just plain edgy! I love taking classic pieces and adding a twist to them. Then I have days where I just feel that I should be completely different and totally edgy!

Stylish Bee ~ Where do you draw your inspiration from for outfits? 
Christina ~ Mainly from watching Fashion Television, magazines and photographs! Knowing the hottest color trends helps put things together. Sometimes I spend time standing and starring at my closet and visually pair items together.  Once I get started I go crazy! I wish I could change 5 times a day! 

Stylish Bee ~ Do you prefer to read a magazine or a blog?
Christina ~ It’s hard to choose! I love both. I like the feeling of flipping through a magazine on weekends, stopping at each page and absorbing all the information. But while I’m on my lunch or break I love just taking the time browsing blogs, on either my iPhone or computer!

Stylish Bee ~ Who or what do you aspire to be?
Christina ~ I just always aspire to be the best I can be. There’s no one I’d want to be more other than my mom. She’s honestly my role model and I look up to her entrepreneurial success!

Stylish Bee ~ What would you describe as the top 5 MUST HAVE’s for your wardrobe?
Christina ~ 1. Classic Black Boyfriend Blazer
2. Dark Denim
3. Funky pump (that way it can dress up any outfit)
4. Statement necklace
5. White blouse

Stylish Bee ~ Lookbook or Chictopia?
Christina ~ http://lookbook.nu/thestylemogul. 

Stylish Bee ~ What are you doing when you’re not working on your blog?
Christina ~ I am a Marketing Manager for a home staging company in Toronto.

Stylish Bee ~ What do you think is the best thing a blogger can give to his/hers readers?
Christina ~Insight to the blogger, ideas on how to style items and pair tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories together. Sometimes photographs of the 

Stylish Bee ~  What blogging tools do you use? (Camera, host, programs etc)
Christina ~ Camera (Nikon DS3000 or sometimes my iPhone), Wordpress (but I had my layout professionally done), Computer is a Macbook Pro or iPad (depending on if I am traveling)

Stylish Bee ~  Finally, what tips do you have for anyone out there starting out in the blogosphere?
Christina ~ Blog about things you love and have a passion about! Readers can tell when you’re forced! 

Stylish Bee wishes All the Best to Christina and many more Fans for her blog.

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Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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