February Month, Awards + Boticca Giveaway Winner....

Hi Everyone,

February is a special month to me because of my Bday, my Marriage Anniversary and Valentine's Day. However it was made more special by YOU....my friends, who spread so much love on my blog and conferred so many awards.

I am short of words to express my feelings and feeling a bit emotional with water in my eyes...

YOU made my efforts, blood and sweat felt APPRECIATED

Thanx to FashionGland  


Thanx to Maite

I received my recent award, Leibster Blog Award, by lovely Dani 

So, it goes as follows -
1) Link back to the person who so graciously bestowed the award. 
Lovely Dani from Little Bit of Everything

2) Nominate 5 others to receive this prestigious award. 

Pretty Ritcha from Ri(t)ch Styles 
Lovely Poorva from The Style Spectrum 
Fabulous Akanksha from Fictitious Fashion 
Dear Gargi from Candy Violeta 
Gorgeous Julia from Passion for Fashion 

In fact, I want to make it 7 and include... 
Sweet Mukta from Eleganza
Special Megha from Fit as Fiddle

3) Then Lastly, Post the award to my blog and spread the love.

P.S. This was a random pick, however you gals made a special place in my heart...Thanx for all the support provided whenever I needed it the most.  
It's that time again when YOU friends overwhelmed me with such a good response to my first giveaway. 
 Wish everyone could win...however, you all are winners in my heart. 
Best Wishes to everyone who participated and thanks to my wonderful sponsor Boticca.com

The winner of the Boticca.com $100 Gift Card is…Dale JaneĆ© from Savvyspice.com
♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡  Congratulations to Dale !!  ♡-♡-♡-♡-♡-♡

Also, I want to surprise you with another amazing international Giveaway on my blog soon....Do Check out !!

Until next time...Keep it STYLISH By Nature...
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