Best Shopping offers Diwali - Bajaj Stylista Offer

Hi Everyone,

Even though we are style experts in our own and understand our body well, still we all have those moments where its difficult to decide what color goes well and how to wear  classic pieces.

That's when we need a STYLEwati in our life to help interpret new trends. 
Lemme tell you the secret STYLEwati in my life is my Mother-figure. 

She is my stylist who understands trends, styles and my body shape. Not only, is she always there to help provide me with wardrobe inspiration and hand-picked recommendations, but also, helping me define and develop my personal style to fit and flatter my shape.

We both enjoy online shopping and saving time while shopping online is one of the best things about my Style Adviser. She knows my personal taste and I have to pinch myself sometimes about how spot-on her choices are !!

She is literally my life-saver, whenever, she comes visiting me - 

I get my outfits organized by 'occasion' and 'evening' themes so it's effortless !!

It’s as if I have a dream wardrobe where I can find clothes I love but crucially also suit me. 

Her fashion advice to me - 

"Fashion is a balancing act, it’s knowing how to dress to suit your shape, using clothes and accessories to highlight and accentuate your assets whilst drawing attention away from any problem areas"

 This festive season I decided to THANK my STYLEwati by gifting her something which makes her happy and it goes without saying that she wants to add some style to her kitchen. 
Since, my STYLEwati is a gadget lover & simply love churning out a new dish each day, she is always on a look out for various kitchen gadgets available in the market.

Putting it all together to create that perfect kitchen for her is never easy......

So, looking no further I decided on Bajaj Electricals for their amazing and stylish kitchen equipment.  

Not only the equipment are excellent in terms of functionality, but also, adds the required OOMPH to otherwise boring kitchen.
You will be surprised to know that there is a gadget available for any and every kitchen task.

You may want to look at power mixers if you like mixing up your drinks. These mixers are quite compact in size yet so efficient. So you can quickly churn up a frothy latte or hot chocolate anytime anywhere.

Whats more, This festive season, I got an Esbeda Purse worth up to Rs. 2,499/- with select Bajaj Electricals Ltd. Kitchen Appliances 💥💥💥💥

That's like icing on cake because the Esbeda Purse so effortlessly enhance any outfit and goes well with festive theme too !! 

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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