What to Wear Under Sheer Clothing

Hi Everyone,

Sheer Mesh Top - Forever 21
Ripped Denims - Zara
Leather Bralette - HnM
Leopard Bomber Jacket - Romwe.com 
Silver Pumps - Zara

Sheer tops have off late become one of my favourite trends. 

If you follow me on snapchat or Instagram you would’ve seen my Zara shopping haul where I have bought quite a few sheer tops. Some even of the same design but different colours. 

Here are some tips on what you can wear under your sheer tops!
What you can wear under a sheer top totally depends on your level of comfort and body type. No point in wearing something you’re not comfortable in. 

Fashion needs to be comfortable or it may just look very awful!
Without a doubt, my favourite is wearing a spaghetti crop top under a sheer top. 
A sheer top looks great with a crop top under. 
This is best if you are not on the healthier side. 

Girls who are not comfortable with showing off their waist with normal crop tops can opt to wear it under sheer tops. 
Having some sheer over a crop top steps up your style and comfort level.
Other options are either wearing a normal spaghetti top under the sheer top or a bralette. 
These again depend on your body type and how comfortably you can carry it off. 

All said and done, sheer tops are a trend you should totally flaunt!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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