Paella & Risotto Food Festival at ITC My Fortune

Hi Friends,

Don’t we all Love Rice..

Being one of the staple foods of India, we love all our curries to be served with rice. So much so that out Desserts are filled with dishes made from rice.

To celebrate Love for Rice and to tantalize our taste buds to try some new preparations made from rice

ITC My Fortune 

has organized

 ** Paella & Risotto Food Festival **

The thought behind this festival was to showcase a different version of rice which we do not try on daily basis, introduce the guests to different Rice preprations all over the world and provide the guests with authentic Rice dishes with the fresh locally sourced produce.

Join us on Food-o-graphy journey through Various Rice preparations...

Our evening started with something which was newly introduced from chef and I love these small bites as they go really well with my drinks. They call it Lebanese Thali.

The Hummus they prepare is to die for and other preparations included babaganoush, pita bread, and crackers.

I really recommend for starter whenever you are at My Fortune.

We added some Mutton Kebabs and Chicken for Starters..

Then we started our journey through the Rice Kingdom
Menu was elaborate and to be very frank it was difficult to decide on choices 


Paella Valenciana -- Highly Recommended
Spanish Paella Rice cooked with Seafood, Chicken and Sausage  

Paella Veggie
Spanish Paella Rice cooked with seasonal vegetables

Paella Valenciana


Seafood Risotto -- Highly Recommended

Risotto Alla Promaveera
Vegetable Risotto with seasonal veggies and cheese

Risotto Fung
Risotto with assortment of mushroom and cheese

Risotto All Melenzeane
Italian Rice with roasted Eggplant and cheese 

We ended the day with some awesome desserts

Plan your next evening with ITC My Fortune - Paella & Risotto Food Festival
I am sure you will love these New Flavours with Rice.

Pictures Captured by Honor 8 Lite

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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