Food Review : Edo at ITC Gardenia

Hi Friends,

Shalini is a Big fan of Japanese cuisine, this week we went to try out Japanese Restro Bar


located at

ITC Gardenia 

EDO, is inspired by the ancient name of the city of Tokyo. EDO showcases the Izakaya style of dining, which originated during the EDO period. Izakayas are popular after­ hour’s destinations for gathering over drinks and great food. It was during the EDO period that Japan first saw an exuberant popularization of art, music, theatre and literature in joyous pursuit of an ideal world of jubilation.

EDO brings alive the concept of Japan’s vibrant after-hours culture, with authentic sushi, sashimi, succulent robatayaki, crisp tempura and artful bento meals, accompanied by fine Japanese sake,  wines and whiskies, culminating in a  grand finale of delectable desserts.

Designed by the well-known Japanese firm of restaurant designers, Super Potato, the design concept of EDO is that of a modern stone garden. It is structured around three main areas - the Robata Counter-a first in the country, a Sushi Counter with a stone waterfall in the background and semi-private dining spaces. EDO also boasts of a  Sake Cellar to add to the vibrant space.

Join us in our Foodography journey through EDO

Our evening started with their Signature cocktail
Sake Bomb
Exploded over with Japanese Beer and Sake
It was perfect way to start the evening, it was really refreshing

They have a ritual : they serve you sake in a way that beer is in the glass a the bottom and sake is in a container balanced on chopsticks. After serving you have to say

Ichi - Ni - Sanya - Sake Bomb

and hit the table, sake container drops into beer and Voila your drink is ready, pretty exciting huh!!


Chuka Kurage -- Highly Recommended

Jellyfish and Sesame
Texture and flavour of Jellyfish was just amazing

Unagi Mochi
Grilled Eel with Rice Cake

Kani Salad -- Highly Recommended
Crab Salad
No words to describe how crazily awesome was this salad, a must try.
Lotus stem crispy chips were amazing with salad

Toru Gyoza -- Recommended
Chicken dumplings
Dumpling had a great filling and was tasting really good

They were served with edible flowers which lifted the overall flavour of dishes, I really loved adding edible flowers with crab salad

Sushi and Sashimi

Chutoro -- Recommended
Fatty Tuna Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi

Edo Uramaki -- Highly Recommended
Signature Edo Sushi

Dynamic Uramaki -- Highly Recommended
Crab Sushi

ITC Gardenia gets their fresh catch every alternate day to make sure that the taste of Sushi and Sashimi is perfect, that freshness shows in their servings and I enjoyed every bit of it.

When chef asked that you want to try the Fresh Wasabi, we were all in for it. They served us fresh crushed wasabi on table, it cant get fresh than this. Apparently the fresh wasabi was more strong and being organic, it opened up the overall flavours of dish.

Wasabi was being crushed by tool called Oroshigane, made of Shark skin and Wood, abrasive surface of shark skin is ideal for breaking down the dense texture of wasabi root, allowing wasabi to release its full flavor potential.

Wasabi with Oroshigane (made of sharp skin and wood)


Sayuri -- Highly Recommended
Japanese Needle Fish

Gindara Miso Zuke
Sweet Miso marinated Black Cod


Tempura Moriawase
Prawn and Chilean Sea Bass


Tori Katru Don -- Highly Recommended

Chicken Donburi
Good combo of Chicken, Rice and Mushrooms, lovely flavours of herbs were coming through, a must try


Goma Ice Cream -- Highly Recommended

Madagascar Chocolate Mousse -- Highly Recommended

Cheese Cake 

I have to say that at EDO we have one of the best evening experiencing Japanese food, Chef Kamlesh Chandra Joshi and team have done full justice keeping the authenticity of Japanese food alive.

Guys you have to visit EDO at ITC Gardenia to have this amazing experience.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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