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Hi Everyone,

As a blogger, I am often tagged to be LUCKY girl living a good, hassle free life.

Little do you know, it was not easy for me to leave my highly paid IT job to become a full-time blogger just to follow my passion. Though I feel satisfied at the end of the day, however, to confess the truth....life as a blogger is more challenging and physically demanding than me as a girl sitting in a/c cabin handling the stats. 

Only common string between 2 jobs - 
I deliver to the BEST of my ability irrespective of the challenges that come my way.

To help understand blogger's life, I have to face challenges everyday. Being a camera shy person, every photoshoot gives me jitters. I have sleepless nights before the shoots, not knowing how to make the shoot successful.

We have to travel long distances for photoshoots, sometimes even a week for theme based campaigns. One such campaign tested my patience, since it was an outstation photoshoot and the theme was 'White Spring'. 

As usual it was a sleepless night and to my horror I found out that I am on my period. Shooting white outfits on periods, travelling long distance without having the convenience of wash rooms on the way, was a challenge. 

Being a responsible person, I didn't want to let down the crew members and accepted the challenge ONLY trusting Whisper sanitary napkins.

With enough Whisper sanitary napkin packets in my handbag, I started the journey with an unstoppable attitude.
Though I didn't have the access to washrooms on my long journey, I was amazed that actually I need not change often since it absorbs more and lasts longer.

No Spillage, you see !! 

Though I tuned my mind for an uncomfortable photoshoot, the New Whisper sanitary napkin with top sheet upgrade & boosted core offered more absorption and better dryness for clean feeling.

WOW !! No stain, No Spillage, No Discomfort.... 
couldn't believe that I literally faced the camera in White outfits even during periods.

Now I can follow my passion and #OwnThose5Days with confidence.

Do you #OwnThose5Days ?

Watch the stories of women who are unstoppable. 
Even during their periods. 
(Featuring Ace Badminton Player Ashwini Ponnappa, 
Youngest Indian Female Pilot Ayesha Aziz and 
Youngest Female Chef Anahita Dhondy)

A STRONG woman always settle for BEST
Take Control ..... Be UnStoppable !!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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