Spice Island Flavours - Food Festival at ITC Gardenia

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This week we went to try Sri Lankan food festival being conducted at

Kitchens of India
ITC Gardenia

With this festival ITC Gardenia is showcasing cuisine of small communite in Southern Tamil Nadu, who migrated to work on Tea plantations and returned centuries later, bringing with them all the flavours and fragrances of Spice Island.

Chef Priya Bala has curated a cuisine arising from a rich historical background and influenced by strong trade links, the cuisine is an irresistible blend of traditional recipe of Tamil Nadu.

Here is our Foodography journey through the Food Festival:


Devilled Chicken -- Highly Recommended
Cubes of chicken, chillies and onions, tossed in a piquant sauce
Fish Cutlets
Fresh fish, mildly seasoned with ginger, green chillies and pepper, formed into croquettes and crumb-fried. 

Ladies finger Sambol - Recommended
Crisp slivers of ladies finger, tossed with tomatoes and onion

Fish Cutlets
Ladies finger Sambol
Devilled Chicken
Main Course

Chicken Curry -- Highly Recommended
Chicken in rich fragrant curry

Idiappam Kothu
Stringhopper shreds, tossed with masala, vegetables and chicken

Pineapple curry -- Highly Recommended

Brinjal Moju

Cashew Curry -- Recommended
Tender Cashew, cooked with peas

Chicken Curry
Cashew Curry
Brinjal Moju
Idiappam Kothu
Brinjal Moju


Curd and Treacle
The perfect soothing end to spicy meal

Chef Priya Bala has truly created gastronomical delights that are defined by complements and contrasts, showcasing Southern Tamil Nadu cuisine with Sinhalese influences.

Food Festival is on from Feb 26th to March 6th

Visit ITC Gardenia during this time to taste the awesomeness.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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