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Celebrities Lisa Haydon, Chitrangda Singh and Shibani Dandekar 
shared their thoughts on the Scotch Whisky Collection as the ideal gift for men

 Indians have traditionally exchanged gifts on every occasion - the custom is deep rooted in our culture.

But consumers today want a touch of style, uniqueness, and personalization in their gift items, which reflects their status. The gifting market in India has grown strongly in the past decade due to rising disposable incomes, aspiration levels and exposure to global trends. Today gifting can be categorised by Personal gifting, Festival Gifting and Corporate Gifting. 

United Spirits Limited hosted an extraordinary evening with renowned personalities Lisa Haydon, Chitrangda Singh, Shibani Dandekar and Nitesh Chhapru, Head of Marketing, Premium Core Portfolio, United Spirits Limited who unveiled the Scotch Whisky Collection: An Exceptional Gift for all occasions for men. The Scotch Whisky Collection entails a premium range of Scotch whiskies such as Black Dog, Vat 69 and Black & White as an ideal gift for whisky connoisseurs who will cherish the specially created collectible gift packs. Whether it is to unwind with a dram of Black Dog, or savour the legendary appeal of the famous VAT69 or the sociable warmth of Black & White there’s an exquisite blend for each moment.

The Scotch Whisky Collection launch was dedicated to ‘solving the dilemma of gifting for men’ and was hosted by Anuradha Menon whose witty twist to ‘gifting’ kept the audience highly amused. Celebrities Lisa Haydon, Chitrangda Singh and Shibani Dandekar shared anecdotes of personal gifts they had received and shared. They were unanimous that the Scotch Whisky Collection now made it simpler for them to buy gifts for their male friends.

Speaking about her favourite gifting moments, Lisa Haydon mentioned, “I believe we have solved the dilemma of gifting for men.  Earlier it was a task to find the right gift for the right occasion but the Scotch Whisky Collection is the ideal gift for all occasions. All men appreciate their Scotch Whisky and am sure would cherish such a gift.”

Commenting on this, Chitrangda Singh, said “It’s a great feeling when someone appreciates your gift. The appreciative expression makes every moment count while getting the ideal gift. My father is a perfectionist and a man of great character and strength. He enjoys his Scotch whisky and hence the perfect gift for him would be a bottle of VAT69.”  

Adding to his, Shibani Dandekar, commented. “I love buying gifts for people who I am close to as I know their likes and dislikes.  When I am invited to a friend’s house I always gift a bottle of Black &White as it’s one of the best tasting Scotches whiskies today and always tastes better when shared! If I know someone who has won an award or received a promotion I tend to gift them a bottle of Black Dog to celebrate their achievements.”

Nitesh Chhapru, Head of Marketing: Premium Core Portfolio, USL said, “The gifting market in India has become a billion dollar industry and is still evolving.  People are now looking at more innovative and personalised options while purchasing their gifts. Keeping this in mind, we have launched The Scotch Whisky Collection: An Exceptional Gift with the finest of our Scotch whisky blends to celebrate all occasions. The SWC includes Black Dog, VAT69 and Black & White; exquisite blends with exceptional taste and flavour for every moment.” 

United Spirits brings to you a range of premium Scotch Whiskies for gifting this festive season; a delight for all whisky connoisseurs who will cherish the specially created collectible gift packs. So go ahead and get #ScotchAsAGift

About USL-Diageo Scotch Whiskies

   VAT69: The ‘One in a Hundred’ scotch blend that stood out, VAT69 was the outcome of Sir William Sanderson’s relentless pursuit to create the best blend in 1882. The preferred choice of the avant-garde, it has a fruity, soft finish and a spicy aftertaste

  Black&White: Best enjoyed when shared and savoured amongst friends, James Buchanan created Black & White in 1902. Named after two affable and lovable Scottish terriers, 3 malts whiskies together form the heart of this blend:  Dalwhinnie, Clynelish and Glendullan. Black&White a light a predominant grainy note and smooth, long-lasting flavor

     Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve: Created by Sir Walter Millard’s ingenious craft, this Scotch Whisky is triple matured for enriched quality. Millard named this blend, ‘Black Dog’ after his favorite fishing fly. For over 130 years, this luxury blend continues to enchant whisky lovers with elegant woody flavors with silky smooth finish

  Johnnie Walker Red Label: A timeless classic, the Walker family used their vast knowledge of Scotland’s malts and grains to create a rich, full-bodied blend with universal appeal. With its combination of light whiskies from Scotland’s east coast and dark, peaty whiskies from west coast, Johnnie Walker Red Label has exceptional rich, deep flavors

Johnnie Walker Black Label: With its origins in 1870s, Johnnie Walker Black Label is an acclaimed masterpiece of blending craftsmanship. Its depth drawn from over 40 selected grains and malt whiskies, each aged for a minimum of 12 years. It is smooth and warming, with a medium sweet finish and hints of peat

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