Food Review : Arabian Food Festival @ Aloft CBP

This weekend our Food cravings took us to try 

Arabian Food Festival
Aloft Bangalore Cessna Business Park

Arab cuisine incorporates aspects from varied culinary tradition like Greek, Levantine and Egyptian.
Hence we were all excited to dig in.

Join us for Foodography journey through the Arabian cuisine "Wallah"

Mezze platter - Highly Recommended

Crackers, Hummus, Baba ganoush, Peta bread, Herb olives served on stone platter.
Awesome appetizer, one must try light and flavorful.

Juje kebab
Nice and crunchy Phalaphal kebabs

Chicken Shawarma 
Made me remember my childhood days eating Shawarma at Khan Market

 Seafood Khabsha -- Highly Recommended

 Amazing flavour and crisp to perfection, really loved the dish. Rice were a bit sweet as per Arabian cuisine, but I like my rice bit spicy.

Chicken Ouzi -- Highly Recommended
Loved the smoky flavour of chicken and now we are talking Arabian grills.
Completely different flavour than regular roasted chicken or grilled chicken which we get,
definitely a must try.

Similar to Chicken Malai Tikka.

Djaja mehwi -- Highly recommended
Chicken Keema cooked to perfection topped with creamy layer of cheese.
Awesome one to try for keema lovers, you will really love the overall texture of the dish and
keema was spicy and flavourful,
combine it with cheese and you have an awesome dish.

Arabic Dessert Platter
Nice flavours,
I loved the peanut based desert similar to chikki but crispier.

Overall a great festival, full of flavours and textures....
 which takes you back to Arabian nights days :)

Remember one story each day..

With that our journey comes to an end, and our recommendation will be to go ahead to
Aloft Hotel CBP and try Arabian cuisine :)

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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