Top Food Review : TGI Fridays

Hi Friends,

This week our taste buds took us to try American Casual Diner 

TGI Fridays
Lido Mall, Bangalore

Interiors of TGI Fridays are very American, on walls you will find things ranging from old American advertisements to posters of some American characters. They have different seating options from high chairs right next to the bar to loungers and sofa's.

We took space on comfortable sofa overlooking LED, wanted to enjoy Football live too :)

Our evening started with >>

Spicy Chicken Wings -- Highly Recommended
Traditional Upstate New York Style chicken wings marinated and tossed in Original Frank's Red Hot sauce, deep fried. Served with crisp celery sticks and Bleu cheese dressing.
Definitely a must try, chicken was juicy from inside and crispy from outside + 

Red hot sauce was enhancing the overall flavour of chicken. 

Though Bleu cheese was too overpowering the taste of the dish, and I loved the wings by themselves.

Spicy Chicken Wings

Ultimate Fridays Nachos Chicken
Crispy tortilla chips topped with Cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses, Black lentils, green peppers, tomatoes, chilies and tangy sauce.
Nachos were stuffed with goodness and taste was great,

the portion is huge so be aware before you order this :)

Ultimate Fridays Nachos Chicken

Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad -- Highly Recommended

Chargrilled Fillet of salmon heaped atop crispy Romaine and leaf lettuce tossed with a tangy caesar dressing and garnished with croutons and fresh grated Parmesan cheese, along with slice of toasted garlic bread.
Salad is amazingly fresh and satisfying, Salmon is of very good quality, overall a great salad.

Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad

Cajun Angels

Two skewers of sauteed Canjun seasoned, bacon wrapped shrimp served over chef's choice rice and mixed vegetables with side of creole mustard.

Cajun Angels

Bacon Crusted Ribs -- Highly Recommended

Imported pork back ribs, expertly cooked to perfection, glazed with tangy BBQ sauce and crusted with a heaping of crispy bacon.

One of the best ribs I have had in Bangalore, pork was cooked to perfection and was leaving bone clean, just the way I like it.

Bacon Crusted Ribs
Mushroom Chicken Mushroom Burger

Crispy Breaded chicken breast, melted American cheese and Aioli lemon reddish sauce topped with sauteed mushrooms, balsamic onions and battered mushroom fries.

Nice combination of mushroom and chicken.

Mushroom Chicken Mushroom Burger

Ultimate Jack Daniels Tenderloin Burger -- Highly Recommended

Two 5oz chargrilled Tenderloin patties are glazed with Jack Daniels sauce and stacked with American cheese, crispy Bacon and Cajun battered onion rings on a toasted bun. 

Served with Jack Daniels sauce.

This one got me excited with Jack Daniels all over the Burger, pair it up with your Jack Daniels and what else do you want. 

Overall a great burger filled with meat and cheese. A must try.

Ultimate Jack Daniels Tenderloin Burger

So, if you want to try some authentic Burgers, Steaks and Ribs.
TGI Fridays is the place to visit and I am sure your stomach and soul will be fully satisfied.

Forgot to mention important one, They have all cocktails at Rs77/- from 5-8pm,
so plan your visit soon with friends and family.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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