10 Ways - How to Dress Slimmer

Hi Everyone,

Bag - Lavie

On my recent interaction with College girls, I received a lot of queries on - 
HOW to conceal problematic areas and look slim in our day-to-day life ?

There are simple tricks we use to hide our wobbly bits and you can work magic with your wardrobe if you follow few simple tips. Try some tweaks in your dressing and accessorize smartly to camouflage what you're trying to hide.
Easiest way is - Wear dresses !! 
Most fit-and-flares, some empire cuts, trapeze frocks and dresses with front and side ruching can work wonders to smooth out your silhouette, especially if printed.

High waist jeans and an A-line dress will help hide the extra curve. 
Also try out summer dresses that flare out from the waist.

Wearing monotone or a dark colour is a smart way to hide your disproportionate body. 
If your hip or waist is bigger than the rest of your body, avoid belts.

For flabby arms, avoid thick flashy bracelets, gloves or puffy sleeves. 
They tend to draw undue attention. 

A pleated or embellished neckline or a sparkly necklace ensures people focus on the right places. 

Stand tall and be proud of your style: 
Good posture and confidence makes all clothing look better.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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