Diageo Reserve World Class – India Competition

Diageo Reserve World Class competition aims to nurture the potential talent of local bartenders and enable them with the right knowledge. In the past, it has successfully helped local talent emerge as influencers and creators of fine drinking experiences the world over.

Finals of this competition were held in Mumbai  and Alfonso Del Portillo was the selected as India Bartender of the Year.

Diageo Reserve World Class hosted an exclusive evening to celebrate the India champion Alfonso Del Portillo’s journey at the competition. To relive this experience, Bangalore’s
Drinks on MG Road 
was the perfect setting for a special masterclass where
Alfonso showcased his winning concoctions - Atlantic Martini and Botanical Heritage.

Nicholas Ord, Reserve Brand Ambassador India took the guests on a pleasant flavor trial with delectable signature cocktails, paired with a delicious  menu.

Alfonso set the mood for the evening with Atlantic Martini made with the Talisker, Tanqueray No Ten, orange, grapefruit powder and served in an elegant coupette.

Second cocktail to delight was unique CIROC vodka cocktail; Botanical Heritage which was presented in a Chai tea clay pot. It was infused with green apples, tomatoes, basil, chardonnay syrup and a dash of Licorice syrup. Nicholas surprised the guests by preparing a classic Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve cocktail.

Here are cocktail recipe for you:

Cocktail 1: Atlantic Martini – Highly recommended


75 ml Tanqueray No. Ten
10 ml Talisker
1 gram of orange and grapefruit powder

Take a wooden board in which you need to add Talisker No. Ten (15 ml)
Flame it and add the orange and grapefruit powder
Smoke the coupette glass with these flames, by keeping it upside done on flame.
Pour the drink in a coupette glass and its ready to serve
Atlantic Martini
Atlantic Martini

Cocktail 2: Botanical Heritage (Winning Cocktail Recipe)
The cocktail is called "Botanical Heritage", it is inspired by Alfonso’s Mediterranean heritage


75 ml Cîroc Vodka
15 ml Tomato and Basil Shrub
10 ml Licorice Syrup
10 ml Chardonnay Syrup
2 chunks Granny Smith apple


Muddle the apple in the metal part of the shaker
Add all the ingredients into the shaker and shake them well
Then double strain them and present it in a Chai Kullad
Botanical Heritage

Nicholas prepared the Golden Flip which is a delectably creamy and sweet creation. The Golden Flip is a rich mixture of Greek wildflower honey and tahini infused Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, dash of apricot brandy and a spritz of orange zest.

Here is the Recipe:

Cocktail 3: Golden Flip – Recommended


50 ml. tahini infused JOHNNIE WALKER Gold Label Reserve
15 ml. Lillet Blanc
15 ml. homemade honey syrup
2 dashes Bergamot bitters
2 dashes Apricot brandy
1 orange to garnish
1 vanilla pod

How to mix:

To make the homemade honey syrup, combine 600ml honey, 400ml of warm water,
1 vanilla pod and 3 thin orange peels and cool the concoction.
The Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is infused with tahini, a form of sesame paste, for two days (1 dessert spoon per 250ml) before straining through a coffee filter.
Add 50ml tahini infused JOHNNIE WALKER Gold Label Reserve, 15ml Lillet Blanc, 15ml homemade honey syrup, 2 dashes Bergamot bitters, 2 dashes apricot brandy and
1 whole egg into a shaker.
Place a whisk in the shaker and dry shake all ingredients, remove whisk, add ice and shake again.
Double strain and serve straight up in a goblet glass.
Spritz orange peel on the drink and add a little orange peel zest to garnish.
Golden Flip

So Guys Enjoy these cocktails and do share how you loved them.

Enjoy them live at Drinks on MG Road, Bangalore

Drink Responsibly, Cheers!!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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